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Dubai property market recovery imminent

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Nicholas Wallwork, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Nicholas Wallwork

    Nicholas Wallwork Editor-in-Chief Staff Member Premium Member

    A recovery in the property market in Dubai is just around the corner according to the latest report into the emirate’s real estate sector. It is experiencing strong interest from buyers in good quality, well positioned and well designed properties, according to the the report from surveyors and valuers Cluttons which has had a presence [...]

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  2. andoni30

    andoni30 New Member

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: its a joke ????

  3. Vicks

    Vicks New Member

    Lol! Yeah right!
  4. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    I have been hearing similar voices for the last two years. Dubai will never recover unless they attract more people.Only tourism is not enough. Even if the good properties are picking up , the desert is endless.
    Inflation is growing up, the properties are loosing value every day.
    There is not enough cash to satisfy the growth of Dubai.
  5. Bernard M.A. Doff

    Bernard M.A. Doff New Member

  6. Dave_Velasco

    Dave_Velasco New Member

    The desert is only among their limits - but if they really want to recover more and improve, they can actually make solutions for these deserts. Some countries make oceans to land, so why not desert to a community?
  7. James Greg

    James Greg Banned

    Well it sure seems the authorities are aware of the decline in their reputation and it is hurting the prices as well. The work that had gone stagnant is now asked to get completed and meet their deadlines. I wonder how would that be of use if there are problems for funds, but that's how it states in the local newspaper.
  8. John Alexander

    John Alexander New Member

    So how far is this recovery. I understand that any recovery will be very slow.
    Has anyone got any answers. There is no point talking about recovery if it is not going to happen.
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