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driving teaffic to your site

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by Iceheart, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Iceheart

    Iceheart New Member

    How do you specifically drive a client to your site?

    What promotion do you do, to drive the potential customer to your site?

    The clients you drive to your site are they qualified and is your site designed with them in mind or is it super realtor god's gift to real estate?
    I have been trained by alot of hot shot pro's of the industry and the best salesmen listen.

    How does you website listen to the consumer and validate there concerns or objections?
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  2. paul-steve

    paul-steve New Member

    Hi Icehart
    Are you talking about this site or websites in particular, we have a property abroad site, we only promote in search engines, people find it, lots of them :)
    Amazing how you can drop into forums and meet somebody just down the road, i'm in sale manchester

  3. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    I fancy betting theres a few mancunians in here,;)
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