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Distress sell of my house

Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by william, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. william

    william New Member

    Welcome all
    Due to some financial constraint, unfortunately, I am to sell my almost completed apartment, I find that even though I am on the books of several agents there is no interest whatsoever. Is it because agents are only selling their own developments or are things really bad out there? If things are so bad how are the agents managing to survive and make any sort of a living?
    I really don't want to sell up, but I do need to, so I have asked a very reasonable price but still I'm getting nowhere.
    I know that the property market is doing badly in other countries such as Spain-there is a recession across Europe. I would just like some info on what the reality is and not the agents hype about it. Info please anyone?
    Thank you
  2. ryan

    ryan New Member

    Hi William
    I am new to the site so if I get this wrong or tread on some toes sorry.
    The reason that property is not doing so well at the moment is that the nc is getting bad press(not in the papers yet) about all the problems with buying from TRNC property firms i.e.: AGA who have left about 600 people with out there houses having taken their money.
    The problem is being compounded by lack of action by the government when matters like these are sorted out people will start to want to buy again.
    Thank you
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