Disastrous letting agent


Gary riseborough

New Member
Hi all, this is my first post here. Hopefully some more experienced members could offer me suggestions on my problem.

Two months ago my letting agent and I decided to issue a section 21 on my tenant (They are a company who sub-let to council tenants). I made a bad decision, and the place was trashed pretty bad by the previous sub tenant.

The agent has been pretty incompetent. Some of their neglect led to the problems I have now, and they have been a pain to deal with (don’t return calls, don’t relay information properly, generally don’t care). I made a formal complaint, hoping they might get their act together. However this made them worse.

The section 21 expired last week. The agent won’t return my calls or emails. The tenant/company are a pain- they share the same incompetencies as the Letting agent. The place is still a wreck and the sub tenant is still there.

It looks like I need to deal with this myself as the agent is no help. Any suggestions please on my next steps, and what can be done about the letting agent, who are still under contract and still being paid to manage the place?