Did your dream home turn into a nightmare?

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    The vast majority of people with an interest in property will have an idea of their dream property, their dream home and somewhere they can spend the rest of their life. There is no doubt the opportunity to build your dream home is out there, whichever area of the world you are looking to, but unless you do your homework and rely on responsible builders it can and has turned into a nightmare for many people.

    Did your dream home turn into a nightmare? What advice would you give somebody looking to go down the same road?
  2. michaellengsays

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    sometimes people forget some major things while building homes. i will give explaination in points.

    1. Building Materials.
    2. Contractor Selections.
    3. last one inspect. it mean make frequent visits to ensure that progress is meeting your expectations.

    according to me these are three points that should be noted.

    thank you
  3. A dream home turned into a nightmare is a common occurrence when homeowners hadn't really given much thought when they started building their homes. I think it’s vital to work out first exactly how much one can afford — and to stick to that limit. That “dream” home may turn out into a nightmare if one is constantly struggling to make payments on it.
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    yes some time it will be happen with some people who forgetting some major thing during decorating and interior with home
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    If the building of your dream home is expensive it is imperative that you implement stage payments to all third parties. This both incentivises the parties to work to a specific timetable and ensures they will not leave the job unfinished and run-off with all of your money!

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