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Hey guys,

I would like to know if any of the owners faced a similar problem with their DEWA bills.

My Husband and I bought our flat from Tamweel way back in 06, though we only collected our unit keys on 17 Nov 07 and registered and transferred the DEWA meter to our name on 22 Nov 07. Our DEWA bill for Feb 08 contains an amount of AED 607.45/- that has been carried forward prior to 22 Nov 07.

Who was using the electricity in our flat prior to us moving in? On checking with the Nakheel office at IC, this is the response I received:

''Further our discussion this morning, Nakheel shall be responsible for all billing charges till the building completion/last reading date for MOROCCO building I-07 which was July 26, 2007. All consumptions / bills after this date shall be for the account of the building owner or apartment owner/occupant, whichever is applicable.
Our apologies, we could not provide the exact amount that DEWA shall be billing Nakheel. We will advise you, once we received an update from our Finance Department. However, Nakheel doesn't make reimbursements, payments are made directly to DEWA. When Nakheel finally pays its due, the amount shall be credit to the account by DEWA.
With regards to your building owner's due, kindly liaise with them regarding their share of the bill.
Should you need any further clarifications on the matter, please feel free to contact Owners Association Department at telephone number (04) 375 1400."

So between 26 July 07 and 22 Nov 07, as we purchased the unit from TAMWEEL, they need to reimburse this amount. Nakheel has no involment in this what so ever.

On Checking with Tamweel, they want the receipt of the exact amount that DEWA shall be billing Nakheel upto 26 July 2007 along with supporting documents as Tamweel needs to know their share of the bill that needs to be reimbursed to us.

So I approach Nakheel once more and the reply I receive:

'' I’ve learned that payments were made to DEWA last month for most Y buildings in the England cluster, some buildings in Spain and Morocco, though payments have not been posted by DEWA yet. Unfortunately, however, your building has not been included in this batch. We need to wait for the final billing to be provided by DEWA to our Finance department.We shall inform you as soon as Finance gives us the update.''

We have been pushed around between Tamweel and Nakheel and I would like to enquire if any of you owners have had a similar problem. I would also request you to recheck your first bill and see if there is any amount c/f before you registered DEWA on to your name.




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The only issue I had was that there was an amount on my account, and I talked to DEWA personally, shoved from desk to desk over 2 days, and finally a guy just decided to cancel it on his computer. I told them the meters were not even installed in the dates when I got the bill, even though I really had running water and electricity. I used very little of it, since I didn't live there, but the bill was stupidly high.

But technically, you shouldn't have to pay it at all. I had already transferred the DEWA account to my tenant, and I only found out about this prior bill when I went to pick up my security deposit 2 months later.
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