Decorating your home on a budget

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Someone once told me, decorate for your tenant market, not for you. Great advice!


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Whether you are looking to sell your property or you are looking to give your house a revamp, decorating your home on a budget is on the surface very attractive but you need to ensure you are not compromising quality for cost. This is especially relevant if you are decorating your home to sell as while there will be many simple tasks which you can complete yourself, leave the finishing touches to the experts!

You may find that less than perfect decorating will have an impact upon those viewing your property and while money might be tight at the moment a few hundred pounds could make a major difference. It could literally be the difference between selling your property and remaining in your home for many years to come. Finding a balance is the tricky part!

What advice would you give someone looking to sell their property?
I will advice to think from the perspective of the buyer. What kind of buyer you think will be interested in the kind of property you have ? Put yourself in that buyer's shoes and start thinking what you would have looked out for had you been in his place ?


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Take note of the preexisting features in your home you can highlight for house decorating ideas. Architectural details such as crown molding, wooden beams, hardwood floors, built-in bookshelves, and mosaic-tile backsplashes are all worth focusing on. These details don’t just look expensive; they are expensive. Make them as prominent as possible—keep them clean, clutter-free, and the focal point of the room. For example, don’t splurge on an expensive painting just to have it compete with a showstopping fireplace.

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There is a long list of to-dos for well-selling your house!
As flooring is my expertise, I tell you about it.
Not all types of flooring need to be replaced when you want to sell your house. e.g., you don't need to renew your bathroom wall tiles or even its ceramic flooring as tiles last for at least 10 years...

However, as hardwood is one of the most popular flooring types, considering how vulnerable it is against water, scratch, dirt, dust, stains and many more things, this is what you definitely want to replace before selling your house. Renovating the hardwood floors is somehow an investment in which your ROI is sooner than expected.

I would be happy to discuss this further if required.

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Yes, I want to replace the flooring of my house & I'm thinking about bamboo flooring installation. what do you say about bamboo flooring?
Check out my reply. You can consider bamboo and wood floors close together that will result in the same conditions for both.


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The first apartment my husband and I moved into was unfurnished and rather old.


Let's look more closely at things to do before selling your home. Enjoy these top tips for selling a house!
1. Maintain your outdoor space
2. Remove clutter
3. Consider painting your interior if it requires it
4. Make the most of bright lighting
5. Consider hiring a cleaning service
6. Ensure that you fix the items that your real estate agent recommends
7. Make your kitchen appealing
8. Get organized

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You can use curtains and blinds for decorating your homes.


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You can decorate your home by using rugs, carpets, etc.


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Anyone can decorate their home on a budget with the help of these budget-friendly decorating ideas. From choosing affordable furniture to decorating with inexpensive carpets, these tips will help you create a home you love for less.


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Personally I'd suggest painting properties in a neutral colour but keep the furnishings high quality. That way when a tenant moves out, it's easy to just repaint. Just my 2 cents!