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  1. scottmcmillan100

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    Hi all,

    I am looking to get some help and advice from anyone that has experienced a day-trip from Hurghada to Cairo.

    I would like to know if there are any recommended tour operators for this?

    Also, is it easy enough to organise a tour yourself, upon arrival in Cairo?

    I can book a flight in May for the day trip with Egypt Air, costing around 125 GBP, but would then arrange tour on top of that.

    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated....

  2. MrSkipsey

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    Scott, I think, if I remember rightly we paid £160 for our day trip back in Dec 2006. This was with our tour operator....Thomas Cook.

    We was picked up from our hotel (Marriott) at about £5:30am and they provided us with a take away breakfast.
    We then went to the airport and flew to Cairo where we met our rep and boarded the coach.
    We had a good but long day out, the Pyramids & Sphinx, Cairo museum, lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, and a Felluca ride on the River Nile.
    We then returned back to the airport and flew back to Hurghada. Arriving at about 11pm.

    Two days later we went on the day trip to Luxor which was another long day!

    Hope this helps regarding a rough estimate on price. Maybe if you contact your tour operator here in the UK they can consult their rep in your resort and get a more up to date cost? Maybe even let you book in advance?

  3. queenie40something

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    Hi we now offer these trips as part of our service when renting out our apartment in Sharm.

    To give you an idea the chap I use charges £125 ( this is the same price I charge to clients ) which includes pick up from apartment to airport, flight, transport in Cairo with guide for the day, entry to Pyramids, Museum, lunch on the Nile etc.

    I have done this myself via Sharm last year having booked flights with Egyptair. When you enter the site try picking the Egypt flag as sometimes these prices can be cheaper and try different times and days. We got ours for £30 return and the same for Luxor but prices have gone up. I then found a brill guide with driver and air con minibus who charged us about £10 each which was brill. Entry to pyramids and museum was 50le but think these have gone up as well. If you need the contact details of the guide let me know.
  4. scottmcmillan100

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    Hi, Thanks for the info. I would be grateful if you could forward me the details for your contact that arranged the trips from Sharm.
    Thanks!! Scott

  5. queenie40something

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