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Dana 1 & Dana 2 in IC phase 1

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by assunta, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. assunta

    assunta New Member

    Greetings to all !

    I am living outside UAE and bought in Dana 1 and 2 from Tameer and paid almost 85% of the price of the apartments.

    Any one in this Forum bought in the same from Tameer ? Is there any progress pictures for these two buildings?

    Best regards,:confused:
  2. assunta

    assunta New Member

    Still no news !!!

    Please , Please I need help in getting some pictures of Dana 1 and Dana 2
  3. dwzrd

    dwzrd New Member

    Location Map for DANA 1 & 2

    Hi, Assunta. Provide me a sketch of the location of Dana 1 and Dana 2 on the International City Map and I will try to get the picture you are requesting when I visit the site.
  4. assunta

    assunta New Member

    Thank you

    Thanks dwzrd for your help . The map so big in size for the site 47kb !!

    This is the link of the location map of dana 2 . just click to enlarge the map.

    Thanks again

    Al Dana 2 - Location - Dubai ::
  5. jwayne592

    jwayne592 New Member

    Al Dana looks a really good development and I see that Go Wealthy have sold out. I like the idea of the swimming pool maybe residents of the IC phase 1 will be able to use it haha as we don't have one other than a giant lake. Has anybody heard any more about Forbidden City and whether it's been scrapped or not???
  6. dwzrd

    dwzrd New Member

    Three Pictures of Dana-2

    I have visited the site today and was able to locate the Dana-2 building from the sketch provided. Pictures of the building under construction from the front, side and back were taken. I had to reduce the resolution to be able to send it to the Administrator of the forum, Mr. Bob Sheth at [email protected] for posting. He may be quite busy today since I understand other threads were also requesting other pictures to be posted.
  7. assunta

    assunta New Member

    great pictures

    Thank you so much DWZRD for your kind assistance .they are great pictures .

    Thanks again and wish you all the best
  8. zombie

    zombie New Member

    Dana 1 & 2

    Hi, when I was looking at developments in IC-1, I was offered Dana 1 & 2, it looked good on paper, but when I visited the site the skeleton of dana 1 was complete, if these pictures are of Dana 1, then work has progressed very slowly in the 7 months, Dana -2 was supposed to be completed by Tameer in March 07, However at that time even the foundation had not been laid.

    I guess we should get used to delays & additional costs. Its illegeal & developers protect themselves in the Sales agreement, which at the time of purchase one has no option but to sign, would you refuse to sign after making 70% of the payments & the premium if it is a resale???
  9. assunta

    assunta New Member

    Any volunteer ... hope so

    Hi Gentlemen

    Two months later! I hope to find a volunteer who can update me about Dana 2 progress. The developer promised to hand over the building on May 2007 (original is Dec-2006) but as per the last pictures on last March I do not think he will be able to do so. Thank you all, and hope to get a positive reply as usual.
  10. assunta

    assunta New Member

    NO Volunteer ....
  11. assunta

    assunta New Member

    NO Volunteer ....
  12. assunta

    assunta New Member

    NO Volunteer for some progress pic for DANA 2 in IC ??????....

    Thank you all
  13. zombie

    zombie New Member

    Hi i am going to be in IC in the next 2 days so, will try and get some updates for you

  14. zombie

    zombie New Member

    Dana 1 is complete & looks like has been handed over, there is still some work left on Dana 2, am posting a picture of Dana 2 in the Pictures Section.

  15. assunta

    assunta New Member

    Thank you

    Thank you so much for your kind assistance. I realy appriciated your help.

    Do you mean the pictures will be post later in the same subject ?

    Thanks again and best regards,
  16. zombie

    zombie New Member

    i have emailed the pictures to the admin, he will probably put it up later
  17. assunta

    assunta New Member

    grate effort

    Although the late start, looks like they are showing quite good progress comparing to last March.

    Thanks again for your grate effort and time
  18. Odd Job

    Odd Job New Member

    Hi, does anyone have a 2 bedroom in Al Dana II for rent. If so please call me on 0559440991
  19. kully sanghera

    kully sanghera New Member

    Tameer hands over Al Dana II units in International City

    Tameer Holding Investment, the region’s leading real estate developer, has announced that the first set of keys has been handed over to the residents of the recently completed Al Dana II, which is identical to Al Dana I that was handed over in July of last year.

    Tameer CEO, Abdallah Hageali, said, “As demand for quality residential space in Dubai continues to grow, it is with enormous satisfaction that we deliver this first set of keys to the owners and residents of Al Dana II. We congratulate the owners on their new homes acknowledging that they will be enjoying a lifestyle of comfort, eminence and consolidation”.

    The delivery of Al Dana II follows closely on that of Al Dana I, which is Tameer’s first ever development. “At Tameer, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards, not only in terms of the quality of our projects, but also in terms of on-schedule delivery of those projects. The completion and delivery of Al Dana II so soon after that of
    Al Dana I reaffirms our commitment to our clients and investors. It also sends out a clear message that we respect the promises we give, we abide by them and we hold ourselves accountable for the delivery of results”, Hageali added.

    Al Dana I and Al Dana II residential towers are situated at the Central Business District Area of Dubai International City, overlooking the Dragon-Mart Shopping Mall and are only an 8-minute drive away from Dubai International Airport. Each tower is comprised of 10 luxury residential floors, with 110 apartments (1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, each with a fully equipped kitchen) that reflect everlasting luxury and comfort. The amenities include a Hi-tech gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, fully equipped health spa and a luxurious reception hall. Each tower features an attractive and harmonious design with exceptional architectural touches.
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  20. trix

    trix New Member

    Hi Assunta

    Not sure if you got a relply to your mail. Anyway I am new here and I have seen both these buildings which in my view are fab. At present they are in great demand for rent as far as I know from paersonal experience as i was looking for a two bed and could not belive the demand. I am from the UK and like it here I'm near Al dana two
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