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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by DC, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. DC

    DC Member

    What do people think of Damac?
  2. John

    John New Member

    Has no one got an opinion? I'm also very interested in hearing peoples views on them.
  3. yousuf

    yousuf New Member

    Damac Means Quality

    how are you? When you talk about Damac, You are talking about Quality i agree their price is expensive then other developer by 25% but the quality is realy good and their finishing is excellent. if you are an investor its little difficult for you to sell their properties before the completion but once the completion done its easy to sell to end user and more over who ever like the quality living they can think about damac.
  4. axiale05

    axiale05 New Member

  5. DC

    DC Member

    Thanks Guys Good comments.

    Like the comments, keep them going.
  6. vikram

    vikram New Member

    DAMAC might not excite serious investors because of the price factor otherwise they make quality real estate. The are one of the top 5 companies in Dubai.

    I would recommend in Dubai, you should be sure that whatever you buying , its value for money. There are lot of places that are hyped for a number of factors. Make sure that the rental guarantee that is offered is reviewed carefully whether they are net or gross. Are there any hidden charges, etc

    For more information, I am a property consultant, if you looking for any property advice, you can contact me [email protected]
  7. hiszein

    hiszein New Member

    Damac is super , even the prices are higher than other competetors but once the project is finished , the money value is exceeding by 25% if not more as a first step.
    we are talking about A+ class investors and buyer
  8. hiszein

    hiszein New Member

    ohhh that's a very old article more than a year , stop doweling on the past
  9. nettech

    nettech New Member

    I know several people that have purchased from Damac and although their prices are slightly higher than usual, the quality is slightly superior than most develoeprs.

    Also, one of my best friend purchased a 1 bed aprtment in Lake View in Jan 2004 for just under £60k. When we went in Dec 2006 to Dubai to view the development, the market price had gone up to just over £140k, so definately worth paying that bit extra for a quality brand.


    By the way, I'm no way affiliated with Damac, just my opinion and experience.
  10. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Damac has delivered many projects in Dubai, there were a few complaints about handing over, I guess that's common in Dubai. Developers who advertised guaranteed deliveries have failed. I am one such victim.

    They have sound asthetics on the exterior of the buidling. However the interiors might have to be looked into. Log onto their site and you have all the layouts there.
  11. mpat

    mpat New Member

    Be careful about the openion on this forum.Sometimes you wil find that people giving good openion about DAMAC are actually working with DAMAC ! ! !
  12. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Thanks for the tip. I am new to the forum and post because I love real estate. If one has done their research right, they will know what is good & bad.
  13. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Thanks for the tip. I am new to the forum and post because I love real estate. If one has done their research right, they will know what is good & bad. As I said their exterior asthetics is good no doubt about that. But the interior layouts are not to my liking.
  14. sap001

    sap001 New Member

    I noticed what looks like a washing machine (or could be dishwasher?) plus a microwave added to the kitchen items on some Lake View Construction update pictures I saw on DAMAC website. In my contract DAMAC were only going to give purchasers a cooker + fridge. Anyone know if the new items are a "gift/bribe" because the project is nearly 2 yrs late in completing?

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