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Croatia expanding property markets in Europe

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by johnathan, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. johnathan

    johnathan New Member

    Croatia is one of the most expanding property markets in Europe, so what to buy in Croatia?

    The most popular investments seem to be stone houses and one and two-bedroom apartments. Buying an apartment permits the buyer rapid returns if they decide to let it. In general, good-quality apartments in tourist areas are usually easy to rent out and can provide useful income on top of the capital growth.

    The good point with this kind of property is the big potential they have for those looking for agro-tourism. An incredible amount of Europeans are looking anxiously for a very quite place to stay but at the same time it has to be half and hour drive to the Sea, beaches and the exciting night life.
  2. Ivana06

    Ivana06 New Member

    I agree!

    Croatia does seem to be a property hotspot. However, i think it's not a popular as it should be.

    I bought a 2 bed apartment in Vodice, (north of Split). Its increased in value significantly in the past 12months. There is lots of building work going on all along the coast, but the Government are putting limits on heights and density of the buildings as to not spoil the wonderful views.

    As its not in the EU (yet) you cannot take out a mortgage in the UK. There are ways round this such as setting up a company in Croatia (not too difficult). I think it is this that is holding people back from buying. Once they are in the EU (2009 hopefully) the property prices will certainly increase further. It is therefore best to get in now!! :)

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  3. New Member

    Property boom

    Yes, Ivana, you are right about EU and that things will be easier then.

    However, there is a huge problem of unsettled legal and ownership matters over large number of real estates and land plots on Croatian coast.

    That's the reason why many big investors turn to other countries in the region - Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, etc.
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