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court action against Addoha-Fadesa anyone?

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by kelliruston, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. kelliruston

    kelliruston New Member


    unsure what to do in regards to carrying on with my purchase on the euro gets stronger the price of the apartment has increased and with all the other problems - is it worth it?

    I have discussed with legalex a possibility of cancelling and getting money back - and they are looking at court action...anyone else in the same boat? :mad:
  2. harvyv

    harvyv New Member

    Hi - I'm in the same boat - dont know if it's sinking or stable ;-)

    Buying in AP6 - have spoken to legalex & weighing up the cost of court action.
  3. kelliruston

    kelliruston New Member

    Exactly - I am also thinking if I pull out now - what will that mean - will it ean 5k down the toilet or what! But the cost of the apartment rises by the day as I purchased mine back in 2006 when the euro was nowhere near as strong !
  4. harvyv

    harvyv New Member

    Do you know if legalex are giving us individual prices or assuming that a min group of people will want to proceed with the legal process - are there any economies of scale to be had here ?

    My other concern is that my morrocan mortgage was approved in principle well before all this credit crunch shenanigans & i wont know until i try to complete if it will al stil be valid.
  5. kelliruston

    kelliruston New Member

    i haven't started the mortgage situation yet as didnt want to pay for fees etc before it was almost complete. Who did you get your mortgage with and how much did you pay in fees?

    Legalex are charging 3.500€ (plus 16% VAT) to take to court - and im half thinking whats best course of action?
  6. howellmr

    howellmr New Member


    Who has your contact been at Legalex?
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