Costa Almeria, need some advice

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Hi everyone,

Words of wisdom needed. Family and I would like to move to Costa Almeria, but have reached information overload and need some advice on the best areas to live. We have two kids 3 and 2 and would like to be near an expat community, with good schools etc.
If any of you guys has relocated there and has some advice to ease my headache, then that would be much appreciated.
Also have thought about moving there and renting first. Is that a good idea or is buying a house the best option?



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Hi Theodore
About relocating to pretty much any country, it's always wise to rent property first, for a variety of reasons, ranging from the worst case scenario that the expat life may not suit you and you may return to the UK, to factors like whether a particular area meets your needs (nearness to other expats, good schools, commuting distance if traveling to work, etc). If you rent, then your options are more open, and you have breathing space to check a place out without commitment.

For more specific info on Costa Almeria, it may be worth posting a question directly to our Spain forum, to see if other expats out there can advise you. Also, when your head stops buzzing with all the info (!),take a look at our country guide to Spain, as it has a lot of useful info that may help you.

Keep in touch and don't worry too much, I'm sure you will come to the right decision about whether the expat life is for you
Many thanks
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