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Contruction Costs & Where to start

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by VICKIG, May 14, 2008.


    VICKIG New Member


    I have purchased an unfinished property in MubaraK 7 and was hoping someone on the forum might be able to provide me some info or ideas on costs for the following:

    The property in unfinished from the inside:

    1. I need to know what the prices are in Hurghada for having someone to extend a property (Takes walls out put up additional supports etc)?

    2. Water and Electric?

    3. Landscaping and in particular putting up a wall boundary around the property.

    If any of you have already had someone do this for you in Hurghada any recommendations?

  2. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    My builder may be interested


    Send me a private message with your contact details and I'll put you in touch with my team in Hurghada who may be interested in helping.
  3. Agnieszka Egypt

    Agnieszka Egypt New Member

    Mubarak 7 are 4 section units. The down stairs has the garden, the up stairs you get the roof terrace. Two upstairs units per building and two downstairs units. I met a couple a few months ago who bought a top unit, and finished it to a very high standard for about 12,000 British. Mubarak 7 are very nice quality buildings, with only the back units still available closer to the mountains. There are some resales available up front towards the beach.

    Good luck!

    VICKIG New Member

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have purchased the top & botton so a Half Villa. I have been told what the whole job will cost roughly. But want to complete the task in stages and what I really need to be moving on with is the internal walls and extension and a wall to go around the property.

    My parents have bought the other Half Villa next to us so we will complete the work at the same time.
  5. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    Did you send a PM to Dave? Looks like he may be able to help.

    It would be great if, when you get details and start the work, you could post it here. I'd be very interested to hear how you get on. Thanks.

  6. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Planning permission ??

    Do you have planning peremission from the council for any external work.

    If there is no extra wall in the original plan you need to be sure that it will be Ok before you build anything outside the original design.

    VICKIG New Member

    Hi Dave,

    Most of the work involved is removing internal walls.

    Don't plan to change much externally except removing a couple of balconies and from speaking to a couple of people you don't need permission for this.

    The boundary wall I think you are ok as long as it is not over 6ft, but I may need to hire an architect? to give me the low down on what can and can't be done.

    Any recommendations for an architect and again idea on cost?

    VICKIG New Member

    Hi Linda,

    Yep will defo keep all posted on the progress think it is going to be a bit longhaul unless I just pay someone to do it all.....but we will see.

  9. izze

    izze New Member

    Hi there
    We are getting our house in mubarak 6 fixed, we have made the kitchen into open plan dinning area, one bedroom into the kitchen, extended the livingroom on to the balcony, which leaves one bedroom and a shower/toilet downstairs. Upstairs we have made a master suite, a double room with built-in wardrobes (used the balcony to create this so we didn't lose any floor space). A full bathroom with shower and a family room. We added a store and laundry room with toilet and shower on to the roof. Floor = 300sq mtrs. We bought tiles for the floors, three wash hand basins, one bath, kitchen sink,all the taps, 3 showers, 3 toilets, tiles for all the bath/shower room walls and tiles for the kitchen walls (tiles for the entrance hall and kitchen floor are porcelain) total cost without fitting EL19800. Air conditioning - Sharp 3 x 1.5T + 2 x 3T fitted and all EL17600. Windows 20 + 2 x patio, alluminium dbl glazed, tinted including fitting EL27000. These were the prices we got in Mar 08. Recommend that you pay deposit (make sure you get signed agreement to hold price that you agreed). We are going back in June for one week to pay the outstanding balance for the work thats been completed to our satifaction. Will let you know how we got on. :)
  10. VICKIG

    VICKIG New Member

    Hi Izze,

    Blimey that sounds very good, can you pass on the contact details of the people you are using?

    How did you decide your tiles etc did you get them from Hurghada or go to Cairo?

    What quotes have you had for your floors for fitting etc?

    Keep me posted on how you get on and me likewise

    Many Thanks
  11. VICKIG

    VICKIG New Member

    Hi Izzie,

    When are u going over to Hurghada to check the work out?

  12. izze

    izze New Member

    Hi Egypt
    We'll be flying on fri 20 June for a week and will see what happened up to nowand will report.
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