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Ive taken the plunge and put a reservation fee on a 2 bed apartment in the OBGR and am currently awaiting my contracts. Although new to Morocco, I'm not new to overseas property and have bought in Brazil and Cyprus. With both these investments, in particular Brazil, I had various issues with the contracts and the developer was happy to amend once I had raised my concerns.

I was just wondering, if it is a similar situation with the Oasis contract and if there are any points that I don’t agree with, could I have them changed? I’ve also now been informed from another buyer that because the development is of a tourist nature, there is a limitation on how much personal usage I can have. Comments please…


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I too have purchased in Oasis and have had confirmation from my solicitor that due to the touristy nature of the resort, there are certain restrictions on personal usage. I’m a little p* off with this as it was never mentioned to me form the start by my agent. I spoke to Superior who then confirmed that because they will have their own management agent on site; it will be easier to occupy units on a personal basis. I’m just going to wait and see, as I still believe it’s a good buy, especially in the long run.

However, FYI, all contracts are rather woolly, but fixed! Unfortunately, there is no movement on the terms! Btw, which block have you bought in? We may be neighbours :cool:
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