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Discussion in 'Thailand property' started by nicholas, Aug 29, 2006.

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    Dear Friends,
    Many people considers Thailand as a new destination for early retirement. However, there are so many factors to be considered. First of all, the legal right to own property. Second, what kind of visa that would allow u to stay long-term with no need to run every 3 months to the neighbouring courtiers to stamp re-entry visa. Third, what locations and town that would suit your living atmosphere and how's the neighbourhood. Do you know someone there who can give you the exact information you are looking for? Fourth, can you easily adjust and try to understand other culture? Or you will absolutely be what you are and hope to change the world on the other end. Of course, the other biggest problem is language barrier. You need to remind yourself that only approx. 10% of Thai people can speak good English. We learn in school yes! but it is only elite language, not a must. However, Thailand is so lucky that we have positive thinking and we are welcome foreigners. If you are good and try to understand us. We will give you our hearts. I won't deny the truth that there are also many "frauds" in Thailand, but it just like everywhere in the world. Lastly, I hope you enjoy being in Thailand like I do.
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    I do like your style, and your advice. I would love to visit your country, but my life and work will not permit it at the moment, you seem to me like a good person with a lot of advice to give.
    I wish you well.
    Keep in touch
  3. cessy

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    Most people would consider the things you have mentioned above before buying a property. It would be a waste of money if we do not make wise decisions with the properties we buy.
  4. massagelondon

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    one of the solutions is to rent property long term.

    foreigners can only buy property in condos - which are always overpriced comparing to the other properties.

    if you decide to move you will have to sell to another foreigner (which is not that easy with thousands of new condos being build) or sell it to thai people and count your losses
  5. MoMo01

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    Hey guys , first time writer long time thinker...
    or dreamer should i say, any way let's say i've got a spare $5000AUD is it possible to buy a house/apartment or land somewhere ?
    whats this about not being able to actually own land overseas does this rule just apply to thailand, is there other places where you can buy it outright.. very new at all this
    do u have to be a citizen of any country before you can buy in that country?
    help dudes.. Ciao
  6. egeefay

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    I would agree that the Thai people are generally very welcoming to foreingers.
    It's this new Thai government that seems to be passing all sorts of rules to discourage foreign ownership and investment in Thailand.
    Recently they have made it harder for foreingers to own property and renew visas. Some conservative factions in the government think that Thailand should be for Thais only. Hopefully new elections will bring more reasonable people into power.
  7. egeefay

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    Most Asian countries severely limit the ability for foreingers to buy and own property. I think Malaysia has a more open door policy. India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand limit property ownership to citizens only...with a few exceptions like condos
  8. egeefay

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    That's really good advice. Renting in Thailand is relatively cheap when compared to buying. If you are set on living in an area like Phuket or Hua Hin, visit there , find a nice house in an area where you think you would like to live and try it out for a year. There are a lot of vacation rentals in the more popular resort areas...people who own homes but only live there a few months out of the year...or people who own but don't want to sell.
    That way you can explore the area, find out if you really like living there, and research building your own house in the future.
  9. ThailandProperty

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    Another thing to greatly bear in mind when purchasing property in Thailand, is keep a paper trail of your money, all receipts etc of sending it to Thailand and bank transfers etc. If you dont do this and decide you want to sell at a later date it will be very hard for you to take your money out of the country again, if you cant prove how you bought it in to Thailand in the first place.

  10. ted

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    Thailand has different laws on land ownership for people holding different nationalities. I am pretty sure Americans can own a small piece of land where as English people cannot. Its always best to check everything with a lawyer before bringing money into/ buying in Thailand.
  11. CNX_Bruce

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    Hi Ted, Sorry but that is incorrect. There is however an internet myth that Amercans can buy land in Thailand due to a treaty between the two countries known as the Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations. In fact that treaty specifically excludes the right to own land in Thailand

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