Commercial Property



This is another segment many investor are looking into.

There are no Seller stamp duty unlike industrial property and residential property in Singapore.

Therefore, many are turning to commercial property, especially offices. What many don't know is that, government is also building plenty of offices around the whole island. Starting from the city to the East, to the West and soon will be the North.

Is there so many company in Singapore to support so many offices in Singapore? I check on the online portal and found many of the same unit been advertising for months with no takers. Of course, if the owner willing to reduce the price, definitely there will be taker if the building is new. Another issue is that many empty industrial units are renting out as offices at much lower price (not legal to use industrial premise as offices unless approval is obtained)


There is also retail outlet also categories as commercial. Although there are many shopping center here, many is not for sale. The developer usually keeps it for themselves as the rental income can be good.

Those for sale are usually with not so good location, less crowd. Again, people will still make purchase for such property as they feel there is not many retail for sale and thus they feel low supply equal good demand. True?

No. Because retail business require crowds unless the trade don't require that, example. clinic, care child etc. With the internet shopping becoming so popular, it actually helps to kill off retail business greatly.

Therefore if you feel the retail for sale is with no much crowd, avoid it at all cost.


Restaurant will be the next choice for investor, this will be a better choice. Singaporean love to eat and they seldom do cooking at home, therefore investing in this segment will be a good move.

The only catch is, the quantum will be much more compare to retail, office, industrial making it difficult for majority to invest in it.

If you can afford it, go for it. Don't have to pay much attention on the location, as Singaporean love to find good food, they don't need food to be near them.


Will the internet change the retail sector in Singapore going forward?

The high streets of the UK, once the centre of communities, are now dead with come retail companies going under despite many having been around for more than 100 years. The internet only respects the bottom line, not history or reputation.


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Investing in Commercial real estate (CRE) can yield benefits like a new source of cash flow, potential long-term appreciation, and proper diversification of the investment portfolio.

You can invest in three different ways in commercial real estate. Firstly, you can directly buy an office space from a developer or Secondly, buy a share as a commercial developer from a stock market investor or you can invest through a real estate platform like Assetmonk.