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Commercial property in Dubai: Advice

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by propertyinvest, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. propertyinvest

    propertyinvest Active Member

    Hi , thinking about investing into this commercial project locted in Dubai silicon oasis. For C/M freehold IN DUBAI it costs alot and also it is not so straight forward, but i found out that a freezone is the easier route to go. As i already have off plan properties in dubai i am comfortable with it all but if any one has any experience or advice i would be very grateful.

    The payment term are 10% down and 90% over 5yrs with 8% rental over 3 yrs, prices just over 100k.

    Dubai - Dubai Silicon Oasis - Cambridge Business Centre
  2. liwaliwala

    liwaliwala New Member

    for commercial property Businessbay is best location..let me know if you are intrested ,i know some one who is selling projects there...


  3. propertyinvest

    propertyinvest Active Member

    Thanks for your replys, I bought 2 offices in The cambridge , i found out who the developer was went direct though them. cheers
  4. propertyinvest

    propertyinvest Active Member

    do you think 4 weeks it quick ?? i have been buying property 4 a few years now , when i get all the information doesnt take me long to make a decison.
  5. Demoniise

    Demoniise New Member

    Hi propertyinvest

    Who is the direct developer of cambridge business centre and how can I get in touch with them?
  6. propertyinvest

    propertyinvest Active Member

    The developer is memon real estate, if you speak to ian on 0044 7971695373 he will be able to help you. good luck
  7. Demoniise

    Demoniise New Member

    Thanks m8

    Thankyou for replying so quick propertinvest. Just one other question is Business Bay not better for office space? and if so which is a good building to buy in?

    What do you think of international city since you have other off plan properties
  8. Fizzypopp

    Fizzypopp New Member

    Just in case anyone else wants some information directly from the leading commercial developer especially involved with the DIFC we represent two developers - we act both in Europe and North America for them. We have done several packages recently for the US investment market.
  9. Arfie

    Arfie New Member

    The only problem with Dubai Silicon Oasis it will take a long time for the area to develop so dont expect rental returns immediately. Also I'm concerned about the interior quality of the development. Business Bay is great for commercial space and so is City of Arabia when complete will consist of the largest shopping mall in the world and alot of tourists so great area for businesses to be located.
  10. pepsilon

    pepsilon New Member

    commercial property search

    how important is getting a free zone status in yr commercial property?

    how wud one compare dubai star with biz bay and any otheres for commercial property?

    i heard dubai star was riddled with soke confusion.

    am looking for abt 1200 sq feet of commercial property?

    pl advise

    kind rgds
  11. Ratib Investor

    Ratib Investor New Member

    Commercial Office Space - Business Bay


    was going through the threads and just thought that i would put in a note. Have a look at my thread
    it will give some info on business bay. personally, i think that commercial office space is going to be booming. the smart investors are looking to business bay. it will be a mid to long term investment, but those who have the vision and have actually seen the plot know that it is going to be big.

    look for concepts in business bay as they will create an identity for the the end user. and remember that when the end user likes a project to set up an office in, it is always good news for the investor that bought into the roject at an early stage.

    look at the Chrysler building in New York. it does not have views apart from other buildings, no parks or water directly next to it. but it is an icon which is why business's love it. look at the Gherkin Building in London. it is an icon, with a slightly different shape which is why it does so well. again the docklands area in london. no-one thought that it would be this good and now it represents the financial district in uk. Business Bay will surpass these areas and more.

    have a look at the thread and gain your own opinion.

  12. Arfie

    Arfie New Member

    Yes commercial property in Business Bay or infact in other good areas of Dubai will be fantastic. Anyone wanting more info then plz contact me on [email protected] and we can offer you professional advice on which projects are good to invest in.
  13. Ratib Investor

    Ratib Investor New Member

    Business Bay

    I forgot to mention that if anyone is interested in Business Bay or for any other area. give me a shout.

    have a look at my thread which is 'Dubai Property Investment Info' (the one with the most hits)

    Arfie: say hi to Saboohi for me.

  14. New Member

    commercial advice in Dubai

    Free Zones are key and generally hold the best investment. Due to all the free zone advantages, the major developers are trying to get the land in tehse areas, with only few achieving this goal.

    Investment in free zones can give you major investment returns, with all the major comapnies in the world wanting to be in the freezones, Microsoft, to name of many.

    viewdubai can help regarding finding a new build commercial property.
  15. Briley

    Briley New Member

    Hi there, I can offer some help if you would like to contact me please do.
  16. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Dubai Silicon Oasis is a good investment considering that it's a free zone. It's the only greezone with residential, hospitals, schools within the community. No other free zone has that kind of facilities. But it's leasehold like Dubai Investment Park.

    Please do your own research and do not rely on anybody else. Opinions can be taken from people and you will have to do your own research.

    Find out what activities are allowed, is it only semiconductor and related business. If so, do you feel Dubai will be able to get that much amount of business in that particular field. Are you better of investing in other free zones like JLT or Business Bay.

    Memon investment are of Pakistani origin. I have seen a few ads but I have not heard of them in partcular.

    Devlopers give fancy names to the buildings. Fancy names do not matter any more. Will they deliver on time. Is there a penalty clause in case of late delivery. Insist on a penalty clause.

    Find out about the rental guarantee scheme, They will lock you in for a period of 3 to 5 years. when do you have to notify them, in the beginning or before hand over in case u are interested in the rental guarantee scheme. Is 6% worth it. Lets face it, nobody does charity for anyone. If they are offering 6%, it's obvious that they will get 12% outside.

    Stick to projects where bank finance is available. In such cases 90% of your research is done as banks will only lend after scrutinizing every document under the sun. You are then confident that the developer is strong.

    As I see you are a seasoned investor and you will be knowing all of the above. Just thought I would mention it.

    Good luck.

  17. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    If your a well known international company then you have to be in BBay for prestige.If your business deals with people visiting you then Bbay is the place to be as its right in Dubai.However if these two do not apply to your business then you will be looking for cheap office space regardless of location.Silicon Oasis therefore is perfect.Prices will be alot cheaper plus your staff have the option of cheap accomadation at nearby international city.Anyone agree?
  18. amit178

    amit178 New Member

    Hi Im from India & have some interest in buying some commercial property in bur or deira, which should be already rented to some bank or business house, I want to know, what can be the annual return & how can I proceed for such investment.
  19. Dubai0Guy

    Dubai0Guy New Member

    Watch out for Meydan that is gettin huge amounts of excitement because of the shieks new horse racing grandstand. 4Km downt the road from Business bay.
  20. NAZ_2_NAZ

    NAZ_2_NAZ New Member

    Any one have any office space for sale in JLT? Please contact me:

    luxpride at
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