Claiming previous owners allowances


Johan Nilsson

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Loved the webinar today, I have been playing with the idea of commercial conversions for some time.
The current climate only enforces my thoughts and todays webinar really helped springboard my knowledge around the various aspects involved.

There was a very interesting note on claiming previous owners allowances at the end of the webinar.
I didn't catch the name of these allowances, capital allowances or capital injections were mentioned?

I was hoping for some pointers on how to learn more about this to understand if my property could benefit from this.

I bought an already properly converted HMO from a charity methadone clinic, that they used to help people back on their feet.
The property is two terraced houses converted to one, 5 bed with firedoors and proper hard-wired smoke and firealarms.

What would be a good starting point for reading more about these allowances?
What would be the process of understanding if there is previous claims to be made?
Are there any recommended professionals specializing on cases like these?

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There are some interesting free ebooks here:-

I think you can also watch the webinar again:-



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I too found the webinar extremely interesting and it certainly got my mind working overtime!

Have you seen the other webinars?



I would be intrigued to find out about the claiming of previous owners allowances. This is not something I have heard of before. Anybody got any other information?