Chinese luxury real estate prices top charts

Discussion in 'China property' started by Nicholas Wallwork, Mar 1, 2017.

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  2. lookinginvest

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    How will the ongoing trade battle with the USA impact the luxury end of Chinese society as well as luxury properties? China is a country where the rich seem to get richer while those on the bottom rung of the income ladder continue to struggle. Chinese investors have always appreciated UK property but recently there have been signs they are looking towards the EU (bombed out market) and South America.
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    It feels as though they are all here in Cyprus. Everywhere we go they seem to be taking over. Young Chinese in flash expensive cars causing mayhem on the roads as they are such appalling drivers.
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    Personally I have never felt comfortable with governments giving citizenship to investors spending over a certain amount on property or investing in businesses. This smells to me of false support for property markets - why dont these people go through the normal immigration channels?

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