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charge on property

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by diga, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. diga

    diga New Member

    I have another question for your law team.
    I tried to sell a plot earlier this year to an English guy who put a deposit on it through a college of the agent who was selling it. this college, VPD gets €1 per metre + my agent got her usual 2% the plot measures 5560m2 so this all adds up, anyway the guy pulled out and VDP said I have to give back this deposit it was only 5000 leve and there wasn't a formal contract drawn up at this time.
    I did not want to give this money back as this deal had cost me over this amount plus I had used this money to put a deposit on another property on the strength of this sale.
    To cut a long story short VPD has now found another buyer who offered a much lower price which I have excepted. VDP is getting his €1per metre at the preliminay stage and my agent wants there 2% + they want me to pay this 5000 lev outstanding from the last client.They said that their client's lawyer had put some sort of hold on the property meaning it can not be sold until this is paid. the deposit is 10% and I would end up with less than half of this so, if this client pulls out where do I stand? I have to go to Bulgaria to sign this deal and it will cost me more than I am getting as a deposit.
    How would you play this and is all this legal my Lawyer is very good so good in fact I can not get to speak to her she is so busy (typical).
    Do you know of any good Lawyers in Varna that speaks good English that could unravel this maybe do a check to see if there really is a charge on the plot or something.
    The company VPD is a joint Bulgarian English firm and I don't know a lot about them, my agent is Palad which I have a good relationship with but they don't have many clients looking for rural land.
    I would appreciate any comments
    Best regards

  2. micnata

    micnata New Member


    Hi Diga

    try gsgeorgieva . co . uk based in Varna and UK
  3. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    Hi Micnata

    I'm the moderator on the Bulgarian forum - welcome.

    Can you please tell us if this is a personal recommendation based upon work they have done for you yourself? Or are you linked to them? It's always good to know why the recommendation is coming forward :)

    All the best
  4. micnata

    micnata New Member


    Hi Jain & Chris

    It is a personal reccommendation, having bought and sold many properties in BG, and finally finding a gem of a lawyer!! Who is truly independent!!
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