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Central Portugal

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by cane corso, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. cane corso

    cane corso New Member

    Since last year (when we visited Portugal - Castelo Branco region) we are really interested in buying a property in that region...reason: simple -> it's still affordable...

    I've now stumbled on the sale of a "small town"...for less then 50k€...and am wondering what the catch is here...

    For the advertisement companies here: I'm really not interested in plots/houses...etc of 500.000€...if I have that money, then I put it on a bankaccount in an offshore bank and "retire"...

  2. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    Me too Koen:)

    the reason the village could be so cheap is that a lot of the property over that way is a bit remote and there is sometimes a lack of infrastructure and amenities. we have friends that live around the castelo branco area, and although the city itself has all you would want, once you move out into the mountains there is not so much to keep you entertained.
    property prices in that area are allways a lot cheaper than the more populated, developed areas.
    if this area is what you are looking for then some good property bargains to be had. weve seen some nice little farms for very little money.
  3. cane corso

    cane corso New Member

    Hi there,
    This was in the GOIS area (the village)...electricty and water was available. I'm going to further explore this.
  4. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    Nice country side up that way,
    was the whole town for sale at 50k?
  5. cane corso

    cane corso New Member

    From what I know: yes...
  6. Seb Lacroix

    Seb Lacroix New Member

    Glad to here that I am not the only foreigner in Love with the country and specialy this area.
    I am living in Aveiro ( 1 h south ) from Porto. I started to work as an independant real estate agent so if you need some help please feel free to ask.
    You tell me what you want and i will be looking and visiting the properties, I will make you a report od each of them, then we can select the best ones. It's the way I like to do the job :)
    In anycase I hope you will enjoy living in Portugal as much as I do, or even more :)

    Take care.

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