Can the European Union survive Brexit?



There has been intense speculation about the long-term future of the European Union amid rumblings in Italy about leaving the EU and suggestions of serious unrest in the German business sector. As the EU looks set to play hardball with the UK, already ruling out Canadian style free-trade agreement, can the European Union survive in the long term? What are the short, medium and long-term implications for European wide property investments?


I think you will find that each party (UK and EU) is positioning themselves so far away from the middle ground that there will need to be some give and take. If I was a gambling man I would say that either there will be a huge restructuring of the EU or there will be at least 1 more Brexit scenario within the next 5 years.


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In many ways it is the arrogance of the European Union which is holding back the European Union. All they needed to do was to give the UK some element of control over immigration/benefits and the UK would still be a member of the EU. Unless we see a major change in the attitude of EU leaders it seems inevitable that eventually there will be a breakup. Yes, it won’t be pretty but there is the potential for the EU to drag down many countries with it. Let’s not forget, more than a decade after the US mortgage crisis which led to a worldwide economic downturn, the EU is still printing money with its quantitative easing programme and European base rates are currently 0%. Not exactly a confidence booster?