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C2 Tower by FGB on Al Reem Island

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by Greco, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Greco

    Greco New Member

    Has anyone heard about a C2 tower being developed by First Gulf Bank? It is apparently next to the Addax tower on Al Reem Island Abu Dhabi.
    Any ideas? Is it a good investment for a 1-bdr appt?

    Your help would be appreciated!
  2. rooney

    rooney New Member

    c2 tower al reem island

    i dont know anything about this particular tower , but any project on reem island is good. also first gulf bank are a abu dhabi government backed developer, so i persume your investment will be safe.
  3. Greco

    Greco New Member

    The Owner does not want to sell by individual unit anymore but just the entire floor... so the deal is off! The price was Dhs 2050 psf
  4. amir J

    amir J New Member

    developer is Green Emirates property ( )it is joint stock company by ‘First Gulf Bank’ ,Bank has 40 % share and others are : ‘Aldar Properties’, ‘Sorouh Real Estate’, and
    ‘Reem Investments’ .

    original sales price was AED 1398/ Sq Ft , current premium is 25-30% .
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  5. hamedib

    hamedib New Member

    C2 Tower

    C2 tower is in Al reem Island and is exactly next to the sea, very good location, construction already started and I have few flats on 11th floor if anyone interested, the payment plan is 30/70 means 30% during construction and 70% on completion. I have 1 BR and 2 BR and 3 BR, I am the owner, so ask me any questions you have. 15% paid already, 5% Jan 09 and then 5% after4 months and another 5% after 4 months, then 70% on completion which is end of 2010.
    There is huge shortage of properties in Abu Dhabi, so great investment regarding rental income.
    My number is 0505983115 and my name is Behnoush.
  6. Ayyan

    Ayyan New Member

    what is the price ??
  7. hamedib

    hamedib New Member

    C2 tower

    Hi, As requested, here is the details of the flats in C2 from FGB

    11th floor

    1 BR: 835 sq ft net area, View: sea, 1 free car park, SP: 1,375,000 All in

    2 BR: 1225 sq ft net area, View: sea, 1 free car park, SP: 1,960,000 Allin

    3 BR: 1750 sq ft net area, View: sea, 1 free car park,, SP: 2,750,000 All in

    Please let me know if any other info you need, thanks Behnoush
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