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Bying properties in Bulgaria

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by bunsy, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. bunsy

    bunsy New Member

    The Bulgarian ski resort Bansko is one of Europe's fastest growing winter resorts in Eastern Europe.
    There are 65km of a brand new lift system at hand and a boom of accommodation surrounding. With more lifts coming, a new motorway to the airport and a golf complex next door, this place has become a property boom town.
    It's only just been discovered by holiday home investors in the last couple of years, considers the British journalists Dominic Littlewood after his trip in search of foreign hotspots for properties.
    Since the past 2-3 years, there is massive increase in the value of property and Bansko wins the reputation of a winter resort with good skiing, good snow, nice people, and cheap beer.

  2. mike123

    mike123 New Member

    This is sooo Not True.
  3. bunsy

    bunsy New Member

    Why are you thinking so ? Are you sure ? :D

    It is only your opinion ,:)

  4. mike123

    mike123 New Member

    as my friend posted in another forum!

    Fog/mist - prolly didn't see the sun at all during the week.
    Not much of a night life.
    Having to rely on the free transfers to and from the gondola station - the buses come and go when they want and stop at 6pm. The walk back is a nightmare as there's very few pavements so you end up walking in muddy verges or in the barely light roads.
    The medical centre at the gondola station's a mess and the finance guy there's sooo sooo very keen to get your insurance details; I had to 'sign' three different forms with my left hand as the right one was strapped up - he just wanted a mark!

    and on top of that, properties are sooo overpriced. The only good deal there is for the local builders!
  5. redhead

    redhead Guest

    I heard that onre of the ski resorts had been illegally constructed and that people who had purchased were going through a legal battle.i think it was bansko but couldnt be sure of that. my friend went skiing in February and because of lack of snow they had to go on a trecking holiday instead. I think the skiing regions are heading for a down fall because of the climate changes .
  6. bunsy

    bunsy New Member

    I don't think that the skiing regions are heading for a down fall because of the climate changes .Yes that's true .This winter there weren't a lot of snow in Bulgaria as a whole ,but exactly in Bansko I am sure that the snow blanket of snow was perfect for winter sports.Also when somebody decide to purchase a property no where .........must be very carefull and to know some details: /that's my advise only/:)
    Generally it will take 3 weeks to buy a property. This is dependent on a number of factors, not all of which are in your control. Once you have decided on a property, contact will be made with the seller or his estate agent. The terms and conditions of the sale can be negotiated very quickly, depending on how easily we can instruct an independent surveyor to assess the property, which is our usual practice. It is important to have an accurate picture of the condition of the property, likely repairs that will be needed and its consequent value. Usually a surveyor can prepare a report within a week of instructions. The legal title to the property can be checked at the Land Register in a day or two. Searches with the local authority, trying to confirm the uses and building permissions associated with the property, will similarly take several days. The 'Preliminary Contract' is then exchanged and a deposit paid. Then there is then a period of at maximum, a few days while the money transfer is arranged.
    For more information I will be happy to help :)
    Also you could take a look here : ALVEKS PROPERTIES


  7. mike123

    mike123 New Member

    I am so sick of cheap real estate agents ads.

    A lot of the construction in bankso is illigal, the most common is that they build 1 more floor, than allowed, and they all want to put lower price in the title deed, sothey can save taxes.
  8. bunsy

    bunsy New Member

    I agree that there are construction in Bansko which are illegal ,but there are and buildings that make your dream true and aren't .I think that isn't right to put everything in the melting pot.Also Bansko isn't only in place in Bulgaria where the people could invest.There are a lot of areas which offers more than Bansko I think ,so everybody is free to choose the place of investmet here .


  9. vateva

    vateva New Member

    Bunsy, hi!

    I do agree that Bansko is a hot spot, but I also think that Pamporovo is increasingly becoming a very popular place to invest. Think about the Perelik huge investment programme...!

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