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Buying property in Kalkan

Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by ismael, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. ismael

    ismael New Member

    We are thinking of buying a holiday home in Kalkan mainly for use in the summer but is it a region we could also stay at during other times of the year?. Also does anyone know whether this is an up and coming place as a property investment choice?
  2. jackson

    jackson New Member

    I don't know Kalkan,This is a very up and coming area and I would be happy to pass on info and photos etc if that is of help. Contact me.
  3. bryn

    bryn Banned

    Ismael Kalkan is a great area and more expensive than some areas, because its on the south coast the season is longer the airport transfer is long compared to other resorts but like I said good resort. Dont believe all the hype about 40% capital gain per year. YES there is potential for capital gain but far better for everyone if its steady and not boom and bust.
  4. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    Hi and welcome

    please put your web site in your profile.;)
  5. seasideproperties

    seasideproperties New Member

    Kalkan is wonderful sea view place but small town, if you like this you can live there. If you want information about kalkan I can send you.
  6. lonestar

    lonestar New Member

    Hi İsmael

    There s been a boom in property prices in kalkan for the last years but prices seem like they came close to their upper limit.I know some constructors putting their prices down becuz of poor sales,but after all still it is a nice place to live all throughout the year.There are many people living there for four seasons.
  7. murat959

    murat959 New Member

    hi ismael
    We are able to assıst you wıth all aspects of your property search and our frıendly team both ın the Uk and ın Turkey are on hand to make the process enjoyable and hassle free. Our servıce ıncludes not only helpıng you to select your dream home, but also our experts can take care of all legal paperwork and the furnıshıng of your property.
  8. mouse

    mouse New Member

    Hi I am an estate agent in Kalkan. Yes it is definitely up and coming and prices are sensibly levelling out. High capital investment and good rental income depending on which area of Kalkan you buy, as the villas and apartments are creeping up the hills. One of the best places to buy and will be for a long time.
  9. mouse

    mouse New Member

    I am an English estate agent living in Kalkan. It is a beautiful place and although predominately a holiday town still has a good community in the winter months. Like anywhere there are good and bad 'builds' and differing prices for both. There is still immense capital appreciation here with the good properties and very high rental income, of course the less well built and less accessible properties are not doing so well but that is the same all over the world. I do well as I was an agent in the UK for many years previously and people simply want the truth about their purchase, unfortunately this can be hard to get! I live here and do not want to be abused in the street from people I lied to, makes it harder for me to get a sale but worth it in the end on recommendations. I do have a lot of great properties, I have learnt to refuse to sell inferior products! I would say Kalkan is and will be for a long time a good place to buy whether to live in as an investment or as a rental income property.
  10. CH1

    CH1 New Member

    Just noticed this thread.
  11. medseA


    I live in Kalkan since 2002 and have been coming here since 1990. Kalkan is rapidly developing, i.e., lots of construction. But compared to Bodrum or Marmaris, it is still quite undeveloped.

    However, villa prices in Kalkan are among the highest on the coast. Not too many foreigners but increasing.
  12. Boysinc3

    Boysinc3 New Member

    A word of caution here. Everyone replying here appear to be agents. We have a property in Fethiye and visit Kalkan about 3 times a year and my comments as an owner would be:
    - Lovely location
    - Still quite a distance from any airport - 2hrs even if driving fast from nearest airport
    - Out of season it is dead - even during Easter holidays in UK it is extremely quiet - so rental period is much diminished compared to other areas
    - The amount of building at the moment is huge - but some developers are now reducing prices - why would this happen unless there is a glut of property or prices are too inflated?

    Finally - if you are thinking of buying now - dont do it just yet as the Turkish Lira is incredibly strong (2.3 Lira to the £ compated to 2.9 this time last year). Lots of my friends are currently doing long term rents until they find the right place.
  13. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    All Agents and members have the right to use and post on totally property forum,

    A word of caution here. is Boysinc3 a Financial Advisor ... ?
  14. Boysinc3

    Boysinc3 New Member

    :D I wish that I was. That way I might be able to move out to Turkey permanently a little faster. For my sins I work for a large retailer in the UK managing their IT systems. After the last few weeks I need a rest!

    I Don't want to upset anyone as I've just joined the Forum - but still stand by my comments.
  15. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    Welcome Boysinc3 you have not upset any one.

    All Agents and members have the right to use and post on totally property forum,even if they dont live in Turkiye..

    ps swop you 1 Turkish Lira for a few pound..;)
  16. Kalkan - A good invetment area?

    Kalkan is an attractive town and one of the highlights of many villas is one of the most spectacular views in the world. In terms of investment, from experience Kalkan is not up and coming, rathar has already up and come. The property prices here are very high compared to other areas in Turkey that could be considered much better investment areas. Also one of the problems with Kalkan is the Hills, walking to and from the town from many villas is either not possible or simply not desirable. In addition 2 villa owners specifically with Villas in Kalkan have had problems renting out their villas.
  17. AydeConstruction

    AydeConstruction New Member

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  18. labinot

    labinot New Member

    just post your message

    I see that everybody is maliciously criticizing theirselves. Instead of this why aren't you giving more informations about Kalkan to help Ismael to invest in Kalkan
  19. andyk2

    andyk2 New Member


    Hi Ismael,

    I first went to Kalkan 20 years ago, and immediately fell in love with the area. Without doubt it is my favourite place in Turkey - there are so many "must see´s", fantastic beaches (especially Patara) and wonderful diving.

    If you "Google" (Kalkan Turkey), you will find many other web sites with invaluable information about the area, loads of photographs and visitors comments.

    Many of the previous posts say how wonderful Kalkan is, but until you visit, you will never really know just how special Kalkan is. Sure, it´s expensive, but Kalkan is the Nice/Marbella/Capri of Turkey and lifestyle investors will also want to own the best.

    If you want any more advice or to be put in touch with some people in the area, please let me know.

    Happy investing

  20. labinot

    labinot New Member

    Thanks Andy, what a nice introduction!
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