Buying Old Farm House or Building

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Hi Friends,
We are thinking of buying a property with a bit of land to renovate, something like an old farm house or building eg. We would like to buy it cash in the hope we could get a better deal etc. and because I doubt we would ever get a mortgage as I am self-employed and no proof of income etc.
Can you tell us which is the cheapest area to get the most for your money (Of which we would not have a great amount).
What are the potential pitfalls with buying cash? Would we get a better deal by looking for small ads for people selling private? Or the old A Vente sign stuck in a field etc.
Can we strike a deal where we can get one final price i.e. get all fees and Notaires included etc.
Hope you can help.


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Hi Malachi,

Buying cash is possible but risky because the monies you will save at the purchase could be taken out by the French taxation office. They would find it a bit dodgy and can be severe then.

Kind regards
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