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Buying now...HELP!

Discussion in 'German Property' started by dpj1973, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. dpj1973

    dpj1973 New Member

    I have just remortgaged and have 100k to invest in berlin , i fly out in 3 days. I need help and advice, any advice would be greatly greatly appreciated.

    I know there are 4.5 % taxes in berlin, 1.5 % tax and agents fees that are astronomical. I do however have a german speaking girlfirend with me, are there any feasable ways of avoiding the agents fees? Any ideas on area's that are best, what i will get for my 100,000. Ive looked on the internet and seen properties/apartments from 35,000 euro, but i am well aware after working in real estate for years that there is likely to be a catch!

    I need rental income, is it possible to get a reasonable rental income 6-7% after paying all management fees and the heating fees, are these payable by the landlord? Does anyone have any advice.

    P.s if you need information on Bulgarian real estate just ask, i have 3 HARD years of working here on developments with ex-pats.....can be good, but be very careful! Thanks for any advice dpj
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