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Buying in Tanjah (200.000 dh appartments)

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by Mohammed, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Mohammed

    Mohammed New Member

    Hey everyone,

    I'm new here so I shall first quickly introduce myself; I'm Mohammed and I'm very interested to buy in an apartment in Tanjah.

    I've several questions, expecially for those who know as much as everything what goes around in Tanjah. Ok, here it comes:

    I've been to Tanjah and have seen many projects who selling 2 bedroom-appartments for 20.000.000 (200.000 dh). Can anyone give me information about these kind of appartments i.e. quality and increasing of value (to re-sell in the future). I've heard good things about Group Jamai (Baab andalous on the road 'tarieq Rabat' nearby Marjane) and heard bad things about Group ad-doha who's building next to Group Jamai. Can anyone help me out please?

    I'm thinking of buying an appartment to sell it later for twice the value, is this possible? Can someone tell me how quick these kind of (cheap) appartments rise in value?

    Many thanks for all the giving help!
  2. Good questions. I believe the apartments you mention all are under the "council home" scheme. Where developers have been given tax incentives and free land, for building a minimum of 3500 apartments. Don't think these will appreciate much over the next years , as they will be building loads of these.

    Morten - Direct Morocco
  3. Mohammed

    Mohammed New Member

    Thanks for the reply Morten!

    But I've also heard from a friend, who went to such a project, that the value of those (2 bedrooms) appartements increased, a half year after finishing, from 200.000 dh tot 440.000 dh!
    This was a project with 2 appartements high (not like the big flats of the familiar projects at Marjane) and a lot of green and playground, with a fench around the whole complex and a guard at the entreance (English is not my native langue so please don't mind the spellingerrors).

    So this not includes the projects we talked about? What you said make sence because they want to build all the way to the Achkar beach.

    But do you, or anyone else, know if you can buy 2 appartments next to each other and break the wall that seperates them, so that you don't have 2 small appartments but one great appartment?
  4. HI Mohammed,

    Don't know if they will let you buy 2 and knock the walls down. Might be an idea though. Don't know if they are interested in investors at all, as these projects are a massive pull to increase living standards, and make nice appartmenst accessible for the masses.
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