Buying in Ourique or castro verde in Portugal

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by logan, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. logan

    logan New Member

    HELP... We just got back from a visit to south Portugal. Looking at property round Ourique and Castro verd, can anyone give advise on purchasing and building? Seems difficult, Ourique only got two agents and casro verd one by the look of things.
  2. daniel

    daniel New Member

    I have tried REMAX and ERE but they don't have anything that I am looking for in that area. Maybe I need to be patient and try again when I'm over, see if I can find something buildable and interesting!
  3. nicky

    nicky New Member

    Hi My name is Nicola, i have just had a villa built in ourique and can advise only one estate agent it is mediourique there is a lady there who is english and a good friend she is marred to a portuguise gey and runs a local cafe bar i can not recomend any of the other estate agents but can only say be careful. if you go on your comp and just put mediourique it will bring the site up there is a no you can call and if you want to speak direct to maxine i can give you her no she is so nice. hope this helps.
    Love Nicky.
  4. RichardMYP

    RichardMYP New Member

    Nicky's reply below

    Nicky is right, I have some friends now living in a brand new villa just outside Ourique, Maxine liased with the builder for them and did a fantastic job, but hurry up, Beja airport willbe opening soon and that will have a very positive effect on property values in the area.
  5. Nascimento

    Nascimento New Member

    Hello. we are a real estate called M.Nascimento II, and we have some propertiel in our portfolio around Ourique. If you like please visit us at www dot mnascimento dot pt.
    we can also advise with the building process.

    Rui Nascimento

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