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    Buying new built property

    I am considering buying a new build property near Kyrenia. The local builder bought the land and each plot will have a TRNC title. Having read so many warnings about exchange land and the possibility of Greek Cypriot repossession if the island is re-united at some future date, I would like to hear from Brits who have property with this title and what local feeling is. Agents say claims will never be heard on a case by case basis, but the TRNC government will negotiate a deal with the Republic of Cyprus for all owners of Greek Cypriot land in the North. I am not so sure as the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the Greek Cypriots are the'only true and lawful owners' how should I proceed?
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    A recent poll in the Turkish Cypriot newspaper Kibris said that 63.5 per cent of Turkish Cypriots thought selling off Greek Cypriot properties was wrong.

    So now even the locals are against it. I hope to God you never proceeded!!!!:eek:


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