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Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by nicholas, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. nicholas

    nicholas New Member

    I am living in the UK and am looking at Central Portugal as a place to live.
    Basically I miss the sun, having lived in South Africa for 15 years where I have lived, worked- with and socialized with Portuguese. I like them and their lifestyle and their attitude to life. I have also been to Portugal a couple of times but not for prolonged stays. Despite that I don?t speak the language ? yet!
    I am about to receive a UK basic pension and am wondering
    if it would be a proposition to buy one of the ruins that are advertised
    in the Coimbra - Gois area and do it up to live there. Somewhere within striking distance of a large town.
  2. albert

    albert New Member

    Hi Nicholas,
    We live in western Algarve at the moment, but are re locating to central Portugal.
    Why not buy a ruin if you are able to restore it, will you do it yourself?
    Portugal has its problems, like everywhere else, but we find it a great place to live, and the cost of living is cheaper than auk although not as cheap as it used to be.
    The weather in the central region is cooler than Algarve of course, and more rain, but the summers are good, go for it!
    Thank you
  3. abelhas

    abelhas New Member

  4. Tiago

    Tiago New Member

    Nice choice! A option...

    Hello Nicholas.

    Central Portugal is an excellent choice. Why not look for private condominium with excellent prices in Thermal/spa regions such as São Pedro do Sul - i´ve been there and i would like to say to you, is a magnificent region, with loveling people, and the thermal/spa complex are wonderful.. i do thermal treatemets there every years. I can send more info. by e-mail. Curative waters, nice weather, about 15 minutes from district capital... think about this...
  5. vesotzky

    vesotzky Guest

    Have just bought a property in Esparoa close to Gois and easy drive to Lousa, a large town with rail link to Coimbra. A quiet but lovely area, friendly and welcoming even though I have no knowledge of Portuguese. Property a good price.

    I happen to be a South African who has lived in UK for 35 years or so. Portugal is good.

    Do contact me if you think I could help.

    Best wishes,

  6. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    nice area of Portugal, if you are interested in buying property in central Portugal, lots of good advise on living, working and buying property in Central Portugal on this website
    info on central portugal
  7. cane corso

    cane corso New Member

    We are looking for property in central Portugal...any advice?

    We would like to be close to Idanha - a - Nova ...

    Looking for at least 5hectare of ground...have found those for around 15k€...

  8. Magellan

    Magellan New Member

    Central Portugal looks promising...

    Not only is it a great place to live, but it's also one of the few places in southern Europe where property is still affordable. The fact that most of Portugal (excluding Lisbon and the Algarve) has not had a property boom like most other places across the continent would suggest it has great investment potential in the near to mid-term.

  9. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    got to agree with that.
  10. maria

    maria New Member

    Properties in the Silver Coast


    If you consider the Silver coast, I will be happy to help. I am a Portuguese licenced estate agent.

    [email protected]
  11. nicky

    nicky New Member

    Try Ourique its fantastic lots of fab places and lots of land still for sale at good prices. try mediourique to see what they are selling talk to maxine very nice engalidh lady she can tell you so much.
  12. goisproperty

    goisproperty New Member

    property in central portugal

    When you are looking to buy a property in another country, you want to be certain that you can find an estate agent in whom you can trust. We have set up our company, Goispro Mediação Imobiliária, Lda., for precisely this reason; training in Portuguese estate agency and taking the official exam, to become registered with INCI, the professional governing body of Estate Agency in Portugal. Hence our company is licensed and legal, with a guarantee of fair and transparent practice for all parties concerned. Based in the heart of Góis, we are the only licensed estate agents located in the concelho, and we possess an extensive knowledge of the whole Góis region, one of the most beautiful areas in Central Portugal.

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  13. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    with the way the weather is right now, good insulation is a must!:)

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