Buying house in Southeast Asia preference to Thailand



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I would like to buy some small house in South East Asia, and I would like to ask where are the best conditions. Is it anywhere not allowed for foreigners to buy a house, or are there some countries where it is easier than in Thailand? I like also Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia. I wanted to buy something in Thailand but its every year more restrictive there, so I would like to ask about the conditions in other countries.


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unless you open a company and pay taxes you can't buy a property outside condominiums which are usually appartments and not houses


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Condominium Like a House

Good day Sir, I am Filipino citizen and real estate is my business. I see that you want a small house but sir, a foreigner cannot own that, but condominiums is alright. And I know a condominium that looks just as you want, a small house, every unit our attached on the lot. I offer you Maja V Bonita I which is located at Cavite Philippines

Sir, please email me at [email protected] so that I may send you informations and pictures of this project.


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Most Asian countries restrict a foreingers ability to buy and own property. Malaysia is one of the few countries that has a welcoming policy..with some restrictions.
Google "retire in Malaysia" and you can find out more information about their program for foreign retirees.
There 's a huge number of cash ladened retirees from Europe and North America looking for places where the cost of living is low.
Smart Asian countries are figuring out ways to tap into their wealth.