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Discussion in 'Caribbean Real Estate' started by ryan, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. ryan

    ryan New Member

    I one month ago bought a flat in Berlin as an overseas property investment. This was purely for capital growth as I believe Germany and Berlin property is undervalued. I now want to buy a second property overseas, particularly the Caribbean. I have been looking at the Dominican Republic as flats are on offer for as little as 50k dollars. Does anyone have any experience of the Caribbean property market? I have heard the dominican republic has a crime problem. I do not want to invest more than ?50k. Is this realistically possible? If anyone has any queries over Berlin property buying process feel free to ask me....

  2. jvizman

    jvizman New Member

    Well why don't you look at Costa Rica? it is the safest latin american country! has the 2nd highest literacy rate in the world! in a list of 419 countries CR was 27th in safety!!! Great place with super people! you will love i am sure!
  3. misch.chief

    misch.chief New Member

    St Vincent is pretty good value for money too and isnt as stricken with crime
  4. Paul

    Paul New Member

    The Caribbean looks good to us too! We are currently investing in several fantastic resorts in The Dominican Republic, St Lucia, Barbados and St Vincent. Tourism and golfing hotspots!
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  5. coolhandluke121360

    coolhandluke121360 New Member

    yes I have properties in bahamas, belieze, DR. and all throughout Mexico Caribbean tourist areas for sale let me know what u are looking for and I will gladly help u.
  6. Carlitto

    Carlitto New Member

    Hi there – does anyone know where I can purchase a large amount of land from in St Lucia? Agents or sellers?
  7. NYANG1234

    NYANG1234 New Member

    St Lucia


    St Lucia is a great place to Invest, and some developments if you buy off plan are already under market value.

    Different developers offer different things but I bought a month ago in St Lucia and only put £1000.00 down with 100% fianance until completion in January 2012.
  8. Carlitto

    Carlitto New Member

    Hi There, could you provide me with your and the developer details? 1000 until completion sounds like a great deal.
    I am also looking for developers who are looking or selling large areas on land on the island.

  9. LEM80

    LEM80 New Member

    Hi Ryan,

    You can buy a 1/4 acre for aroun $40,000 in San Felipe in Baja with a view of the Sea of Cortez. Let me know if you are interested.
  10. Chris MaZe

    Chris MaZe New Member

    I have an interest on behalf of a developer to find 2-300 Acres of Beach side Land in Antigua for a resort Development. Please let me know if you can help.
  11. desres

    desres New Member

    If you can give me some details i may be able to help
    1 } Area of Land sq ft / m2
    2} Intended use ? Residential / Commercial / Resort ?
    3} Location ? do you require waterfront or ?

    desres - International Agent
  12. Reed

    Reed New Member

    I agree, the range of availability is pretty large without specifics. The most important of these would be where, geographically, on the island you would be interested. Large plots of land are become more scarce, especially in the north of Rodney Bay in Cap Estate and the island seems to be developing north to south, and west to east. The largest plots of land at the lowest prices may be in the southeast, which is now being anchored by 'le paradise' a Westin and Greg Norman project that will be increasing tourism numbers and property values dramatically in that region. There is still area undeveloped up the east coast (which is the atlantic side and more prone to harsh weather), but it looks like plans are under way at the Marquis Estate and South of that at Grande Anse. There is still plenty of space between Grande Anse and Le Paradise if you're thinking atlantic coast.

    The west coast (Caribbean Side) is under even more resort development but there seems to be some available space for the right project. As stated before, you need to arrive at some specifics and there are plenty of people on St Lucia that would be able to help you find what you're looking for.
  13. If you are looking to invest less than 50k for property with a home on it, why not try the Bay Islands (e.g., Roatan) in Honduras. They are very cheap compared to most other Caribbean destinations and have excellent investment potential. This is somewhere that you can still get in on the ground floor.
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  14. dreamp

    dreamp New Member

    Sint Maarten

    I think the best place to Invest is StMaarten,Netherlands Antilles
    Very good Quality of life and really good income rental and sales!
  15. investalot

    investalot New Member

    Why not take a look at Grand Bahama Island, its got a lot to offer.
    Grand Bahama Island lies at the northernmost point of a chain of islands known as The Bahamas (Spanish for “shallow seas “) only 60 miles from the east coast of Florida.
    The island is 96 miles long west to east and 17 miles at its widest point.
    Great location, all year round sunshine, 57 miles of fantastic beaches, crystal clear warm seas, Caribbean lifestyle, friendly people, safe, English speaking, great food and entertainment.
    Leisure activities include golf (4 courses), sports fishing, sailing, scuba diving, all watersports, swimming with dolphins, cricket, football, tennis etc.
    Purchasers of property can receive an annual Homeowners card entitling the holder and his family to stay for up to one year without visas.
    No Property tax, No Inheritance tax, No Capital Gains tax, No Corporation tax, No Income tax.
    Possible to rent property all year without restrictions. Shortage of homes available to rent which are suitable for foreign workers on contracts and tourists requiring more than a “condo”.
    Rental yields are excellent with rental income for a 3 bed 2 bath house of $2500-$3000 per month for a one year contract.
    New investment coming into the island includes Ross University, College of the Bahamas, Shipyard expansion, Fleming Group and numerous smaller investors.

    Freeport the capital is a relatively new city and an International Duty Free port, founded in 1955 by American financier Wallace Groves who was given 150,000 acres in exchange for developing the island.
    The roads are modern and traffic drives on the left as in the U.K. The infrastructure has been built to support a population of 250,000 people yet has only approximately 50,000 full time residents. Fresh water is in abundance and the Power Company has a modern reliable supply of electricity. Telecommunications services and facilities are state-of-the-art with direct International links provided through a 100% digital switching system. Cable television and internet are available throughout the island.
    It is remarkable in this day and age to find an unspoiled place with no pollution or traffic congestion, only a 30 minute plane ride from Miami or Fort Lauderdale (home to Sawgrass Mills the largest shopping mall in the world) and 45 mins to Orlando home of Disney World.
    Grand Bahama offers a chance to get in on the ground floor of some tremendous growth. The island is only just beginning to be discovered, it often reminds people of the opportunities they saw 40 years ago in Florida. Check it out !!
  16. New Member

    Inside Track??

    So the sages of Inside Track are recommending places in Dom Rep. Barbados et al. (Probably Harlequins virtual 'Ponzi' schemes?)

    Well the 'Property Education Specialist's can't be wrong can they???

    Pure Comedy!!!!

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