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Hello everyone,

I would really appreciate your advice! I was going to buy a villa/ townhouse in Spain & was cautioned that property prices have not moved recently & there is so much Building i.e. in Murcia they think values will go down, I am now thinking about buying in Portugal, as it is beautiful & I speak a bit of the language.

What are the views on property as an investment in the Algarve? Its not that I plan to buy & sell, but I would not want to lose my money!!!! It would be partly for holidays but I would also have to rent it out. What is the rental market like?

Aly advice on good companies to buy from/ rental management / good websites would be really gratefully received.

Many thanks.


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Hey Harrison
I purchased a plot of land last December and it has increased in value already. This is before the build has even started so I don't think your property will lose any value if you buy.
I don't think you will have a problem with rental either as it is a year round holiday destination now, obviously you won't have the same rental during winter months.
some resorts are busier than others so depending on what you want.
Hope this helps
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