Buying a static caravan holiday home

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Hello all
We are interested in buying a static caravan holiday home and have been looking at Haven parks on the Atlantic coast. Does anyone have any info about these parks? and are there any other companies that also sell these static homes?. Any info would be gratefully received.


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Hello Andre,
We have recently bought a mobile holiday home in the Vendee region which has turned out to be one of the best things we have ever done. Are home is sited in Apparent remount on a superb park which is open 12 months a year. It depends on what you are after as to if a Haven site is right for you. If you are happy with limited access (April to Sept only) and require plenty of entertainment that sort of site will suit, if you require a more relaxing holiday then there are plenty of others to explore.
It will require a fair amount of searching to find the correct mobile home in the correct location with a site which will suit you, but stick at it & you will find plenty of sites. We looked at Haven as well as some companies who offer you a "full service" which I will not name hear but will be happy to let you know via an Email. We discovered that all they do is have a contact with the site owners & then sell you a mobile for approx 30% more than you can buy the same thing direct with the site owner. To give you an example, we have purchased a top of the range IRM Emeraude (IRM, Fabricant fran?ais n?1 de mobile home (r?sidences mobiles)) which is fully equipped & furnished with a option washing machine on a 200m2 plot with a 7.5x2.5mtr decking & a shed fully installed for approx ?32,000. The companies wanted approx ?38,000 for the mobile home alone!. We are on a beautiful site that has a bar & swimming pools close to the village of Apremont which has a large lake & Chateau. Our site fees are only ?1,000 per year.
If I can be of any help to you I will be happy to do so.
Good luck
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