Buying a house for my mum



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I would like to buy a house for my 60 year old mum to live in. She currently rents. I would love her to have a place of her own. Currently the place she rents isn't well maintained by the landlord but she would probably find difficulty renting elsewhere as she doesn't earn much.

What kind of options do I have in terms of doing this? I have read around but Im not too sure if anyone has some good advice / experience of this?

She has a very small income but I could secure a mortgage myself (I currently rent and have never owned a property)

I have heard of regulated buy to lets for family members but I cant afford it all especially with 40% deposit.

Could I buy myself a house and have my mum live there whilst i rent elsewhere? Eventually I would buy another property of my own (but then how would this work in terms of having 2 mortgages?)

Ultimately, is it best just to work hard and pay rent for a better place for her?

Hope someone has some advice!


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I think you need to speak with an FCA Regulated Mortgage advisor who will be able to help.

Products are out in the marketplace to cover this scenario however so much depends on the individual scenario that will require full fact find, assesssment & sourcing appropriate product whether that’s Regualted Buy to Let, Later Life Lending, Residential mortgage, etc.