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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Kayannie, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Kayannie

    Kayannie New Member

    Hi Guys :hello:

    I'd like to buy a studio apartment in Dubai (purpose: buy-to-let).

    As you are well-experienced, would you please be kind to outline the most important point for a newbie like me :typical:

    - should be freehold
    - should have full title deed (?)

    Also would you please recommend me an area, where the quality of the building / property is fine. I was looking at International City, Lagoon and 2-3 more. I need to get ready with the planning as i'm coming to Dubai in May :dancing:

    Actually i'd very much appreciate any additional information, guys :)
  2. Saad Arif

    Saad Arif New Member

    Hey Kaynnie,

    Seems your post didn't get noticed or the forum for Dubai's real estate market isn't that active i guess.

    Any ways to answer your question.

    You should consider following before buying any property in Dubai.

    * The property should be ready or close to completion and handover
    * It should be a freehold property if you want to enjoy its benefits and transfer them to your coming generations.
    * Every property bought in Dubai has a complete title deed from Dubai Land Department so you don't have to worry about that.

    As per the areas, it completely depends on your budget.

    International City and Lagoons are completely different areas when it comes to buying/ selling property and also in terms of inhabitants.

    If you have some good budget and you really want some high quality finishing in your apartment then you should consider Downtown, JLT, Marina, JBR, Dubai Sports City, JVC (not fully developed) and DSO.
  3. zmiuca

    zmiuca New Member


    I've been in Dubai for a long time but only recently thinking of investing into property. At the moment I'm considering to invest into a Studio in Royals Estates in DIP. The payment plan is very convenient but the developers (Aristocrat Star Investments LLC) reputation is zero, they do not have any proven track record in Dubai and it's completely off-plan.

    However, if they pull it through and deliver what they advertise, both capital gain and ROI could be substantial.

    Does any of you have any good advice or any previous dealings with this developer?
  4. Moaza Al Shamsi

    Moaza Al Shamsi New Member

    Dear Kayannie,

    I would be very careful where to buy the property as some locations might seem within budget or good pictures online really aren't. Lagoons is infested with mosquitos and international city isn't really a place to buy for let just because its value and market has gone down its literally turned into somewhat of a camp like location.

    Also keep In mind from a property owner myself, DO NOT ACCEPT ANY RENT FROM POTENTIAL TENANTS UNLESS ITS 1 OR 2 CHEQUES. This is to secure yourself as you sound like an overseas client, and here in Dubai a lot of tenants ask to pay in as many cheques as they can which is a bad thing for you because if a cheque bounces you will face a lot of problems such as the tenant telling you they will pay you soon and not to file against them and kick them out and the story will continue till they flee and that is even a bigger problem.

    Invest in high quality finishing areas such as Dubai Marina and JBR and Downtown. Do not invest in off plan as you will most likely not see your property or money.

    A lot of scams by developers here, just be careful.

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