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Buy to rent in Rio

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Stefaniefs, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Stefaniefs

    Stefaniefs New Member


    I am looking to move to Rio in around 3 years for the style of life. By that time I will be looking to invest in some properties to rent and live off this income. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on what type of property is likely to produce the best return on investment that will enable me and my girlfirend to live leisurely. She is Brazilian and we have been told that around R$6,000 per month for a couple would allow us to live quite nicely :) but are not sure how correct this is. Therefore I have a few questions:

    1. How much money do we need to live without having to worry about money? (I realise this is subjective)
    2. How much money do we need to invest in property to rent to get this amount of return?
    3. Is there anywhere nearby that is better to invest than RIO?

    Than you in advance for all of your answers and comments
  2. Mineiro

    Mineiro New Member

    Very subjective. I don't know about what style of life you imagine but in a city like Rio I would have thought you should be looking for at least 10,000 a month.
  3. Stefaniefs

    Stefaniefs New Member

    Thanks Mineiro - please let me rephrase the question...

    OK, I guess my question really is what is the average ROI for property in RIO. For example I know that in the UK I could get different amounts of return depending on the city. For example in London I could expect around 0.6% monthly return but in Edinburgh I may get just 0.3% return.

    If anyone is renting in RIO please could they let me know what ROI they are getting each month and what type of people (market) they are targeting with their property.

    Thanks in advance
  4. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    Hi there Stefaniefs,

    You would really need to have an idea of how much you would like to invest,what location,residential or commercial rents,etc,etc,what you expect from your style of life and how much will it cost.An average style of life will set you back 10,000 reais a month minimum as Mineiro mentioned in his post.:)
  5. Stefaniefs

    Stefaniefs New Member

    Hi Dotty,

    We are looking to invest in the residential market in Rio. We are unsure where we are likely to get the best return i.e. what area in Rio such as South & North etc. I think in terms of location wherever is likely to see the highest increase in property value in the long term would be best even if perhaps the monthly ROI is slightly lower.

    Also who to target is another question. Whether to target young professionals, or the luxury market, or blue collar workers? I think investing in property that is likely to be rented by professionals is wiser, because in my experience they tend to look after the property a little better than lets say students.

    I think the maximum I would be looking to invest is around £500k but am not sure if that is perhaps a little risky...
  6. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    The lux end would cost around 2 million reais an apartment and then you have condo taxes etc which would be another 2,000 +per mth. I would personally never risk that on 1 property,but possibly 2/3 smaller ones and never without understanding a city or town and its areas.

    Do you know Rio and surrounding areas very well?:eek:
  7. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    I do mean 3/4 smaller ones.....
  8. davehoskings

    davehoskings New Member

    I would ask on as it more an expat forum talking about various aspects of expat life, but a lot of people there live in the south so might be better able to help you.

    Asking dotty about property in rio is probably the same as asking her about property in bulgaria, all you will get is the standard bits of investment advice fluff but nothing concrete.
  9. Dotty

    Dotty Banned

    The Don of Rio has spoken.............:rolleyes:
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