Buy-to-Let Investment Software? Help?

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Thought this might help others in the same boat. The software is very inexpensive and I use it all the time now.

Its a great bit of specialist Buy-to-Let invesment software that runs in your web browser that dynamically calculates the yield, gross return on capital employed, net return (incl. capital growth or without) for buy-to-let investment properties - its fantastic (oh and it's only £6.95 a complete bargain).

What I like is it really makes comparing Buy-to-Let deals across different price points very easy by boiling it all down to your return on investment. Also what I like is it enables you to adjust twenty+ financial variables to understand their effect on each invesment decision you make. All easily done through a user friendly graphical interface.

I can't recommend it highly enough, as I've been looking for exactly this bit of software for ages. But check it out for yourself at their website - Buy-to-Let Investment Calculator -

I'd be very interested in other people recommendations and experiences. It seems a bit of a jungle out there and this kind of software isn't so easy to find.

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Buy-to-Let Investment Calculator

Hi Thanks - looks like a coupel of tools worth investigating!


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I'm looking or a decent analysis programme/software that will encompass everything ROI projections up to 25 years, rental, cash flow etc etc, currency converter, decent graphics, charts etc sales presentation tools, has facility to include inflation, profit & loss etc.
Basically an all round bit of kit to use in conjunction with property investment, currently use Excel, but is very time consuming. Adjusting all variables etc, even if it is a web based facility is fine but need to keep the price down, best I have found is by a company called cougar but this is expensive. Anyone know of a really good application? That is available? Cheap-ish
All help very much appreciated


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Hi - There s nothing better for me than good old Excel with a few good formula.
In the end, you are not after 20+ change of variable (or are you??). LTV, rate, price bought and current value, rent... it does it all for me to see it it stacks up or not. All the rest is generated variables.
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