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Discussion in 'China property' started by ronald, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. ronald

    ronald New Member

    We have bought a condo in China, Sanya last year, when I traveled with my friend in Sanya I fall in love of this city, then I decide to buy there for vocation and living after. It is ideal place to retirement, living cost not expensive, top quality living standard. If you are interested to discover it, email to me, I can share my experience with you.

  2. Astro

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    Hello Ronald I was in Sanya a few years back for vacation and like you i fell in love. i am now in a position to invest in a small condo and i would like to get in touch with you to ask a few questions, nothing much. Please when you get this message email me a [email protected] . thanks - joel
  3. cafall1

    cafall1 New Member

    sanya investment


    Just taking you up on your invitation. We are planning to buy an apartment also and was wondering what advice you may be able to give?

    Many thanks

  4. da_Ragazzo

    da_Ragazzo New Member

    sayna property

    Hi Ronald,

    I am also interested in purchasing property in Sanya, if you dont mind could you send me an Email with some tips and advice at

    [email protected],com

  5. hmb1969

    hmb1969 New Member

    Property for Sale, Sanya, China

    I live in Shanghai, China and run a concierge business for expats - helping them settle in China and assist them with day-to-day living. I have also spent a considerable amount of time in Sanya, and have purchased several properties there. We have two for sale, a 3 bed condo and a 4 bed, duplex penthouse. If you are interested in more details, or need any assistance in finding something particular, please email me.
  6. erikko

    erikko New Member

    if im not mistaken, Sanya is also beautiful along with Guangxhou and Beijing and it isn't populated yet
  7. alan88

    alan88 New Member

    sanya is a good place to invest which the price is not high. and it's really very good for take vocation. some of my friends buy apartments there.
  8. rjhoffacker

    rjhoffacker New Member

    Are your apartments still available?
  9. hmb1969

    hmb1969 New Member

    rjhoffacker: Sanya Apartments for Sale

    Yes. We have just completed the renovation of the third and largest of the three apartments (140, 240 and 280m2), and are waiting for the installation of the kitchen in Feb after the CNY. The other two apartments are already fully furnished and completed and have recently been redecorated ready for sale.
    Send me your email address if you want more info.

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