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Hello all,
Buy a property in Sofia for 45k today and sell it for 75k in 2007 - is this realistic because this is the opportunity that has been presented to me?

Anybody know the pros and cons of investing in Bulgaria are?

Any advice would be gladly received

Thanks a lots


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Hello Daniel,
Bulgaria is a very corrupt place and I would be very careful of investing there. The limited experience I have had commercially is not great, a lot of fun and games going on behind the scenes.

I would suggest there are easier ways to make money.
See you again


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First: Hi Daniel,
the proposal made to you is not realistic at all. Buying property in Sofia is good investment but you need to do your research about good and bad regions there.
As I said is a good investment because you may rent your apartment all year around; it will be easy for you to resale your property later on ; but 100 % return is "rubish" /sorry!!!/

And second: Hi Dante,

I think judging for the whole country only from your "limited experience" is not relly fair. At least you may share what happened to you exactly!
I am bulgarian , I own real estate here; I know all the pluses and minuses of my country but do not agree with "very corrupt place".
I use to live in UK for five years and have seen lots of bad things in your system but I have respect to your country and do not write / say horrible things about it.

Have you ever been here? I bet you haven't.

I agree with you about one thing - you have to be carefull before investing /but not only in Bulgaria, everywhere/. I always give advice to my clients - to do their homework before taking it further...

This is the advice I can give to Daniel as well.



Hi Daniel,
Bg is the best place to buy at the moment. its a good investment opportunity. Do you know any other country that has property for sale from 6000 euros and less? you cant go wrong mate, you wont loose if you invest now while properties are still cheap. The prices are already going up now were in the eu. Go for it is what i say. i purchased in a small village in Yambol and i have no regrets at all. best thing i ever did and were planning to move over next year. hope you make the leap.


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Hi Daniel

I don't know very much about Bulgaria but here in Romania (right next to Bulgaria, in north - for those who didn't know ;)) the situation I think is pretty much the same.

There is a lot of confusion on the market, everyone is expecting that the prices will go up like in 2004-2006 period (when it was an 65% and 45% increase per year on all properties) but now the market is stalling, just because you can't sell an old communist apartment with 1200 euros per square meter because on this money you can buy an new apartment build in a better area.

There are many apartments put on sale here in Bucharest with 47.000 Euros (40-50 sq m) but very few buyers. Only in the very central area the price is rising. In fact, the prices are going down in some marginal places, the real value is decreasing because currency exchange ratio is decreasing in favor or leva(or RON in romania) and against the Euro.

The same apartment sold one year ago for 50.000 local curency (let's supose is equal to 50.000 euros -just to give you an example) now is sold with 47.000 local curency but 55.000 euros just because of the parity involved.
You have to be very carefull about that.

On the other hand, if the property is situated in a future development area, you can get more than 75.000 in a few years. But, as Tania said, I think there (as in my country) almoust all the land is "corrupted". Do not expect an 100% ROI in 2 years.

More chances or luck you might have not in Sofia but in remote places or towns. Tracy has some good points in the last message, but you have to have the courage and inspiration to go on that not so advertised place.

Best regards


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Bulgaria, with regards to investment opportunity was probably a good idea back in 2004 / 05 & possibly even 2006 as you state prices did increase - I reserved an apartment on the Redenka Complex near Bansko, i later pulled out & took a chance with Morocco, im glad to say ive not looked back... Morocco is now the place to invest, do your research & you will know why, anyone who requires info should contact me, happy to assist / advise



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With this war between the religions....Morroco????
...... in few years time
I don't think so!
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