Bulgaria ;) Invest or Not?

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Hi Everybody, :)
Greetings, my name is Jonathan, im from India. Im very interested in buying a property in Bulgaria. Have been reading all the messages posted by several people here. Ive just purchased a property in Dubai and would like to invest in some other countries. Bulgaria being one of them. I dont wanna put all my eggs in one basket ;) Would like to invest in some upcoming projects with a timeframe of 1 to 2 years. Please advise me whats a good property to invest in keeping in mind these objectives...in this order...

1. Location - Hot spot but value for money.
2. Appreciation in coming years
3. Rental demand high
4. Low Maintainence
5. Easy to sell in future.

According to me, i think Sofia can be considered one of the safest places to invest in Bulgaria. What Ive heard is that Bulgaria lacks good infrastructure in most places. Everyone knows that this is essential for growth. Correct me if im wrong, these are just my views, my message is not posted to offend anyone. I would love to buy near some ski resorts, but afraid of how safe my investment is, appreciation, maintainence charges, rental, resale etc Please advice me...

Looking forward to hearing from you all.
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Jonathan :cool:


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Why Bulgaria ?

Hi Jonathan,:)

You aren't wrong .I can only greet you about your choice to invest in Bulgaria .Bulgaria is known with a stable political climate and one of the fast growing economics in Europe / an economical growth 5%/.
Bulgaria is a full member in EU since 1of January2007
Bulgaria is a member in NATO too.
A fast growing infrastructure and sphere of services
A good developed tourist system.
Direct international flights are available to the capital, Sofia, all year round.Direct charter flights to the Black Sea (Varna/Burgas) are available during the spring/summer months and can be booked through local UK travel agents.
So I think that this information will be usefull .In case you have any other questions I will be happy to help you . :)
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