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Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by Bella, Aug 26, 2013.

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    Hi Poppy, it's a shame that I am still unable to post links yet as it sounds like you could really benefit from seeing some photos of the development/area/village if only to set your mind at rest. This is our first time buying abroad too so I was apprehensive too but the visit was rewarding. I met Anita, Matias and the developer, Lula and was shown around.

    I will keep trying to post the link to the facebook page - in the meantime you can try and email me directly and I will send you the link

    Bought through Aspen Wolf - helpful at first but I haven't had much cause to keep in touch lately as any communication is usually done directly now.

    The immediate surrounding area is sparse with just a single road going past the development leading to Pipa. It's about a 30 minute walk into Pipa. Seems very safe with not even a hint of any trouble.

    About half way to Pipa is the nearest beach. There is quite a steep set of wooden steps leading to the beach which were being repaired. Not particularly easy if you don't like heights, but I didn't pay them much notice to be honest. The photos I took sound like they would be useful for you so please try and get in touch
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    I'm having a nightmare.

    Aspen have gone missing.

    Pipa have been very cagey.

    I brought my property outright this December gone, a year ahead of schedule.

    Still can't the property deed/s for me to notarize at a Brazilian embassy.

    Excuses. Excuses.Excuses.

    Revenue generated by the apartment, can't get an answer as 2 when I will start seeing it and how it will be paid 2 me.

    Gonna fly out in November to meet them face 2 face.

    My 1st time investing shouldn't be this stressful.

    Never investing with Aspen Woolf again.
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    I have heard from other buyers of bosque da praia, the same problem, I also have wrote to pipa natureza complaining about this amd other things like how expensive are the furniture, or why anybody have recibed any income after a year running the complex.
    I hope you can get a responde when you go there and then share it in this foro, because we can make a group with others buyers in order to make pressure to pipa natureza. I have bought in quinta do rio, and i don't want to have the same problem.
    Some post above there is a link where u can joint in a group created in facebook, please joint in and explain the same, it is good that everybody knows what is happening.

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    Thanks for taking the time to reply to me, Carles.

    Alas, I don't do social media so won't be joining FB.

    Something to add to your FB page is that I have 005584 3246 2588 & 005584 9829 0004 as contact numbers.

    The first number is the office. The 2nd one is allegedly Anita's mobile but when I ring the office, they always say Anita is never in.

    When I ring Anita's mobile, she never answers.

    I fear litigation is the way forward (happy to be part of a group lawsuit) if I don't get my property deed and revenue generated by my apartment in the next couple of weeks. Forget going to Brazil.

    I have already put my property on the market as I want nothing more to do with Pipa but the estate agents cannot sell without the property deed.


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    Hi El,

    Sorry you are having such problems and are not happy with things in Pipa; whilst getting in touch with them over there is proving difficult for me, I don't share your concerns. I have not contacted Aspen for a while now and have essentially severed all ties as I now feel that direct contact is better.

    I have visited the offices and development over there and I am still in regular contact with them - although, like you say, it's hard to get a direct response!

    I find that emails work best and I do eventually get a reply to all my queries. Last I heard is that the development at QDR will be complete in November/December and rental income will start soon after I would imagine. I haven't enquired about the property deeds though.

    Sad to hear that you are already thinking of selling up - it's just getting to the exciting time for me. Hope it all goes well for you

    Thanks, Rob
  7. Elroy

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    whilst getting in touch with them over there is proving difficult for me, I don't share your concerns

    in regular contact with them - although, like you say, it's hard to get a direct response!

    Those in bold contradict each other, surely?

    You not sharing my concerns over getting in touch with them and the lack of direct responses, if any, you're a better person than me.

    I find that emails work best and I do eventually get a reply to all my queries (eventually - not good enough - this is business. This is lots of money invested.

    Development at QDR will be complete in November/December and rental income will start soon after I would imagine.

    Bosque has been up and running for over a year now. No rental income forthcoming. Just reports that sometimes arrived late.

    Like I said, you're a better person than me to be this calm about dealing with a company whose professionalism is highly x infinity, suspect.
  8. Wonderob

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    With respect, there is no contradiction there. As I said, I'm in regular contact with them, they write to me and I write to them weekly, so regular contact which is good. What I struggle with is a direct response to my queries. Like I said, regular contact.... but struggle to get a direct response

    I really don't think it's a question of being a 'better person'; more like my expectations are clearly different to yours. I have worked in brazil so I am painfully aware that what some Brazilians consider to be professional behaviour over there, is somewhat different to what I would expect in UK and USA.

    That doesn't help you however so I sympathise with your situation; mine is different I guess.
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    hi wonderob,

    do you know if the buyers of bosque da praia has already the deeds? and do u know if the buyers of bosque da praia has already seen any income? (apart that they are not paying anything of the maintenance fee)
    better ask to pipa natureza and reply to as, i did already and i have no answer about this 2 questions.
    I also share like u, that now is an exciting time for me! i hope that everything will be very succesfull.

  10. Elroy

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    Might interest you to know that a colleague of mines about ten days ago who receives 'invest with us' emails from Aspen Woolf wrote a very strong email to them saying he wouldn't dream of investing after hearing of my woes with them.

    He then posted his email on their FB page and twitter page and that's when they finally called me, apologized profusely and promised to get on the case as sales agents should.

    I had CC'd them in most of the correspondences with Anita and Pipa.

    No involvement. No concern. Nada.

    I then wrote Aspen a very strong email in which I expressed my disappointment with them and would not do business with them ever again. Nada

    My friend tweets his disappointment with their damming silence as well as post it up on their FB page - My phone starts to ring and it's Aspen.

    Amazing what social media from someone who hasn't an investment with Aspen can do.
  11. elma

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    Hi, I have bought in Bosque da are looking a little bit better now, only the last report paid off all expenses and had a positive sign.
    Has anyone signed the rental contacts yet? It will be good to share information
    Thank you
  12. elma

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    PS anyone has an idea if it is easy to sell at this point and how much will be for 1 bedroom apartment in bosque da praia?
  13. jimax

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    Hi Elma,

    I've heard that some buyer of bosque da praia have sold his apartment for the same price as he bought it, but I don't know if it's easy or not.
    Why do you want to sell i? it's because you are not happy with the inversion or because you need the money urgently or...?
    I bought in quinta do rio, so i like to know how is going on with bosque da praia...
    do you thing that the incomes are low or something wrong is happening with the administrators?
    I thing that all the buyers of bosque da praia would have to talk each other and see if everything is going well or bad, and then as a group talk with pipa natureza if you are no happy and see what can be improved.

  14. jimax

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    Hi Elroy,

    what is your impression about quinta do rio? do you thing that in long term it will be a good inversion? I thing Pipa in 10 years will change for better and finally it's gonna be a good inversion.
    Do you have heard about the shooping center that pipa natureza is about to built? I have seen some renders, it looks good.
    3 weeks ago I recived a letter from aspen wolf telling that they have a new agent for the buyers of quinta do rio, may be it's because of you, that complain about them... thanks for it.
    where are you from? just for curiosity...

  15. Bella

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    I own a unit at Bosque da Praia. I have asked for a copy of the deed and have been given excuses.

    I may want to sell the unit at some point in time in the future but without the deed I am unable to do so.

    Very frustrating.:banghead:

    Perhaps the owners at Bosque should get together and hire an attorney?

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    I invest
  17. billybudd

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    Hi guys. I invested in BDP a few years ago and when I went to visit after the so called completion, it was far from finished. I have had no correspondence from Pipa natureza but I see they are renting. While I was in BDP I actually stayed in another of the condos which to my knowledge they should not be able to rent as they did NOT have a fire clearance or a "HABIT SA". Anyone else have this kind of experience or get shafted by this lot?


  18. poppy01

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    BB did you stay in quinta do rio flats pipa natureza by any chance. I along with other owners have bought units in quinta do rio flats pipa natureza and are very disappointed at the lack of information and costs, rentals and deeds etc . We don't really know what's going on.
  19. billybudd

    billybudd New Member

    I would imagine that you are one of many who do not know what's going on. It's criminal what these get away with.
    No we stayed in bosque de praia. I must admit though, the guys in Pipa natureza were rude, unprofessional and I could go on. Whilst i was physically in their office in Pipa they swore to me that there were absolutely no issues with the the condos being lived in, all regulations were 100% being adhered to, until I introduced a friend of mine to them who deals in property in Brazil and once he mentioned the " Habit Sa"which is a sign off by the bombaderos (fire dept) they totally changed their tune
    We were introduced to this development by a UK company who should be held accountable also for being the middle man here
  20. poppy01

    poppy01 New Member

    Yes I am one of the many. Was the agent in UK . aspen woolf?

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