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Big Potential Nightmare -Northern Morocco - Saidia etc

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by, May 29, 2007.

  1. From a trusted source, i heard today that the developments in the north, the coast properties like the big saidia project backed by the king etc, will probably have big problems with humidity and decay, properties of 2 years will look like 20 years old etc. Be warned if you are going to invest or have invested there. Look to see who is buying. locals or expats.

    Be warned.
  2. The Soup Dragon

    The Soup Dragon Senior Member

    There are plenty of newer build properties in Saidia that I suspect* don't look old before their time. I'm specifically thinking of the villas that lie just outside the Eastern most edge of Saidia. They look like they were built in the last 20 years, but I doubt they are 2 years looking like 20 year old buildings. Thier style also indicats they are about 20 years old.

    Did you hear this from a reliable source or just one or two posters on the forums? (The latter isn't always reliable and I would urge people thinking of investing to do their own hoemwork on the matter.)

    *I remember them as being older in style, but it is possible they looked older than they were and that in turn made me think they were older.
  3. just-alex

    just-alex New Member

    i HAVE ALREADY POSTED A RESPONSE TO THIS ON ANOTHER FORUM...BUT HERE WE GO AGAIN.....saidia is no more humid than any other seaside resort!! is distinctly less humid than the Atlantic coast near Agadir where the fog tends to roll in even in August......Saidia is on the Mediterranean as is Southern Spain where people have been investing for thirty years. The main problem in Morocco is that there isn't a culture of maintenance, no-one spends money on property once they've bought it!!..Especially if its being rented out.....though I have to say the same tends to apply to the rental market in theUK. !!! However, much will depend on the final Management company contracts as to how often painting will occur....the problem at Saidia at the moment is that FAdesa built the houses and Apartments before they built the infrastructure so , you guessed it, signs of wear already and I don't see how they can release the properties and expect people to sign for them without repainting those which were done in a hurry last year in readiness for the King's visit!!....
    As a last resort, no pun intended, I believe there are humidity resistant paints on the market and labour in Morocco is still cheap....but heaters for the winter months when its colder at night......
  4. just-alex

    just-alex New Member

    Only if the management companies don't do their job properly!!.....see response to Soup Dragon..........
  5. ejroyle

    ejroyle New Member

    I have seen properties around the cabo negro golf course that have been there for 30 years and they dont look any different.
  6. manor park

    manor park New Member


    As just-alex said, if you are buying on a complex then the management company need to keep everything looking as good as possable, to keep the rental returns coming back.

    In some areas this may require more work than others?

  7. Lee Filkins

    Lee Filkins Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    I would be more worried about its close proximity to Algeria. There was and I beleive there is small scale civil war going on.

    I was offered Saidia before it was launched and turned it down for the above reason and its isolation from the main land Spain.

    I feel safe with Tangiers etc as I can see it developing as a two resort holiday i.e. Costa del Sol/Tangiers.
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