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Best to buy in a Resort?

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by Stefan, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Stefan

    Stefan New Member

    Is it not the obvious thing to do today? If you are after a holiday home in a fantastic climate and low density area (to take a few advantages) and if you believe that it is a day after tomorrow? If you search for the best opportunity to actually rent out when you are not using it yourself? A Resort with all the amenities, services and security that you look for when you want to spend a holiday with out any hassle. The Resorts has usually also a very good connection with travel agencies cross over Europe, so that marketing is taken well care of. I believe that Holiday is the key issue here, no matter if you in a long term want to move here permanent, at least you are on the ladder and can sell it on the day you decide to move to a resident area or if you just felt that Portugal was nothing for you. This must be a better option than renting a place, that seems like a waste of money, money that you never will see again. Invest in a Resort and if you can get some kind of guarantee on the rent it is even better. If you can find an object like that and to the right price? I think that a minimum should be 90 days usage and the rest for letting it out (do not use it yourself in August). There should also be possibilities for an owner to use it more than the 90 days if available (for free). A split between the resort and the owner of the unit should be 50/50 when it comes to the profit of the renting.
    The best thing of all is that the increase of the value on Real Estate are higher in Resorts than outside, High demand and low supply.
    I can not think of a better product to buy today? How about you?
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