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Might have one apartment for sale. New and will be completed late summer. Algarve in Olhos D'Agua. One bedroom apt in new development.

Who is best selling Agent in Area?
Best way to sell
Average length of time to sell?
Best selling period?

What increases since off plan purchase in Jan 2007


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might be able to help you,i´m an licensed agent in Santa Eulalia ,3 mins drive from Olhas .
As for selling we deal mainly with British/Irish + wife being Russian that market.
Everything is moving well here (mainly 1-3 bed apts,)
But obviously dependant on price,
Had many clients bought off plan in Varandas do Mar there, through an inspection trip company,sadly these have not increased to much as the commission rates they paid were over the norm,
P,M me for more details & will try to help.
good luck ,
look forward to hearing from you,
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