Best Real Estate investment Option!


Vinay Reddy

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Which is the best Real Estate investment option REITs or investing in Crowdfunded properties?

Some firms have started Crowdfunding real estate investing, so does this crowdfunding practice going to make real estate investing easier?

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To be fair both types of investment have their attractions and in many cases it will be what is more preferable for the investor. Real estate investment trusts have a better reputation simply because they have been around longer than crowd funded opportunities. However, correctly structured crowdfunding opportunities where investor funds are protected from fraud, etc are injecting more confidence into this particular type of investment. It really is simply down to personal preference and confidence.


I think that investors who have experience in the market and a level of “expertise” may find the crowd funding option more cost-effective. Where there is a perceived level of expertise there will also be a significant variation of assets and investment strategies on offer.