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Hi all,
I have heard a lot on investing in homes and/or residential condos before they are built (i.e. when they are still in the marketing phase). After the project is completed(in a year time),one is supposed to sell it to make a profit due to the appreciated value of the property.

I am absolutely novice in any king of real estate investing, therefore, looking for some help with regards to the following:
1) Is this a viable investment option?
2) If yes ,then what to look for in such kind of project and what are the
potential problems one could face by such kind of investment.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Good luck


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Hi Cayden,
It worked in recent years, but that is because the market was going up steadily and sometimes rapidly in many areas. I wouldn't recommend it now -- unless you've done your research and are willing to accept risk.

If you're looking for "safe" investments, then your rate of return will be low - because you'll be buying money market funds, CD's, Treasury Bills, and such. If you're looking for high returns, then your risk goes up.

If you can't afford to lose, don't take the risk.
Thank you
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