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Best deals abroad

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by brenden, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. brenden

    brenden New Member

    Hi everyone, I am always researching where are the best places to buy abroad and make the most money. If anyone has come across any really good deals abroad please list your best here.
    Also any websites for good value foreign property are always helpful.
  2. camden

    camden New Member

    Bit of advice:
    Before thinking of investing in any non-English speaking country, please learn the language.
    It does make things a HELL of a lot easier!

    Sorry, but I don?t know any sites that I can quote for you...
  3. chandler

    chandler New Member

    The best place you can buy property at the moment which has possibly one of the best growth potentials is Belek in Turkey. Try medsea real estates and say Adrian recommended them.
  4. aquila

    aquila New Member


    Well I guess it depends on your budget. We have some great deals at the moment in the US - some people over committed and need to get out of one or more of their properties - some offer big discounts on valuation - some offer two year rental guarantees, some pay costs and give cash back at closing - depends what you are looking for - the US deals we have start at around $450,000 and up. We also have special offers in Europe.

    Thing is - no matter what the deal it still has to be right for you. No point saving $100,000 on valuation and getting a two year guarantee at 6% if there are other things you don't like about the place, the property etc.

    If you want to look quickly at whats on offer here are the links. Click on Images on the page also for photos, plans etc.

    USA Offers

    Europe Offers

    Best Wishes
  5. John

    John New Member

    Did you make any decisions and make your first investment abroad? Any chance of an update for us here on the forum?

  6. orlandorealtor

    orlandorealtor New Member

    We have some great investment opportunities in Florida. After the real estate boom here prices have fallen. I also see many distressed properties that can be picked up below market value.
  7. nickproject

    nickproject New Member

    Great thread

    Thanks guys it's always great to get soem new ideas
  8. margaritabella

    margaritabella New Member

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  9. valnet

    valnet New Member

    The best growin real state market in europe now is Montenegro, you can visit our site:
    www valltradeco com (put dots insted the spaces)
    or contact me if you have any questions !!!
    all the best
    Val Pavicevic
    Vallltrade Real estate Company
  10. fkdev

    fkdev New Member

    Investment Abroad

    Morocco can still offer one of the best investment abroad and it is only 3 hours fron England and 1 hour from Madrid. We have a lot of new developments in many cities in Morocco, send a PM with your email for more details.
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